Father remains jailed for allegedly attacking teenage son

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 at 12:36pm

A 41-year-old father from the Donelson area remains in jail Wednesday morning after police arrested him for allegedly stabbing and beating his teenage son.

Detectives from Metro’s Youth Services Division arrested the man Tuesday afternoon and charged him with attempted criminal homicide and aggravated child abuse.

Police said the man — whom they are not naming to protect the identity of his 17-year-old son — allegedly stabbed his son with a screwdriver and knife, and also beat him with an electrical cord after the father became angered over screw heads being stripped out in a work area.

The son ran from the house to a motel on Spence Lane after 3 a.m. Tuesday where he called police. He was treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center for injuries to his back, head, stomach and legs.

Police said the father has federal convictions in Las Vegas for impersonating a deputy U.S. marshal and unlawful gun possession. He is being held in the Metro Jail in lieu of $200,000 bond.

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By: Professional Cynic on 7/7/11 at 8:26

The only two motels on Spence Lane are at Murfreesboro Pike. The entire length of Spence Lane is commercial and industrial. The closest residential structure is probably 2 miles away. After being stabbed and beat, a 17-year-old boy ran at least 2 miles away? Something's not right here.

By: cx700e1 on 7/7/11 at 10:27

@ Professional Cynic A simple quick check of Google Maps would have shown you there are several residential homes off Spence Ln, less than .5 miles from the motels at the intersection of Spence & Murfressboro Pk. The article said the boy ran from a house to a motel on Spence. It didn't say the house was directly on Spence.

I think it is always good to question news stories that you see in print or on television. People believe they know all the facts based a short news article or 30 second news video on tv.

By: bgtmgiantsfan on 7/8/11 at 8:15

While it is good to make sure stories in the media are accurate, who cares about how far the boy ran to call the police? What should be of concern here is the fact that the boy was attacked, beaten and stabbed by a person who should have been this boys protector, not his abuser. Maybe I should have added "allegedly" to the previous statement as we all know from the reality shows on TV that no one is guilty until convicted by a jury of his/her peers.

By: shef2 on 7/8/11 at 7:20

This is a terrible crime against this malicious man's son. I just hope this young man can get the help he needs.
YOU, "Professional Cynic", should be ashamed of yourself.