Former Dean political director arrested on felony charges in bill dispute

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 7:00pm
0717 Derrick Tibbs mug.jpg
Derrick Tibbs

A dispute over a car repair involving a former political director for Mayor Karl Dean’s campaign has yielded felony criminal charges.

Derrick Tibbs, 38, said he was shocked to learn he was on the Metro Nashville Police Department West Precinct’s Top 10 most wanted list on Monday.

Tibbs, who worked on Mayor Karl Dean’s 2011 re-election campaign, is charged with felony counts of theft of property for more than $1,000 as well as one count of theft of services between $500 and $1,000.

According to police affidavits, Tibbs refused to pay Precision Autohaus more than $1,800 in repairs on his 2003 Mercedes Benz on June 13.

Tibbs was arrested by police on Monday night but is now free on $1,000 bond.

Tibbs has a different story, though. He told The City Paper he had to take the car off the lot in order to get a loan to cover the high repair cost. After he left, his car broke down, he said. He had it fixed for $500 by another repair shop.

Precision Autohaus claims they never released the car to Tibbs.

The auto shop called police when Tibbs didn’t pay the bill. The district attorney’s office screened the complaint and sent the case back to West Precinct for further investigation.

After review, West Precinct took out the warrant — not the district attorney's office — and listed Tibbs on the most wanted list for the felony charges.

A longtime, behind-the-scenes presence in Tennessee politics, Tibbs was a legislative liaison for the Tennessee Department of Transportation for four years before joining Dean’s campaign last year. 

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By: whitetrash on 7/18/12 at 2:48

Metro's Most Wanted? Really? Sounds like a civil dispute not a criminal matter. The bar must be set pretty low for this gentleman to be put on Metro's Most Wanted. What happened to putting the real criminals on this kind of database? You know murders, child molesters, ponzi schemers, and etc...

By: whitetrash on 7/18/12 at 2:48

Metro's Most Wanted? Really? Sounds like a civil dispute not a criminal matter. The bar must be set pretty low for this gentleman to be put on Metro's Most Wanted. What happened to putting the real criminals on this kind of database? You know murders, child molesters, ponzi schemers, and etc...

By: MetalMan on 7/18/12 at 5:27

From Autohaus Derrick stole his ride,
He was broke and couldn’t pay his bill.
The Man nabbed Derrick were he reside,
But King Dean will intercede with political skill.

By: waters on 7/18/12 at 5:39

Is this really the best way for the Nashville Police and the District Attorney's office to handle this???? Really???? An arrest warrant and Top Ten Most Wanted List???? Once again, the city of Nashville has abused the laws meant to protect victims - not criminals.

http:// justiceforisla.wordpress. com

By: on 7/18/12 at 6:04

What does domestic abuse have to do with this clown running out on a repair bill? If your repair isn't done correctly you don't take it to another garage, you work with the one you owe money to. They have a mechanics lien on your car idiot. The Grand Jury will indite him for grand theft and rightly so. Unless King Carl gets him out of it.

By: Nashvillesanity on 7/18/12 at 6:21

Autohaus is going down.

You can swear out a warrant, under oath, against anyone. (i.e. "John Doe stole my $50,000 wedding ring.") and if the DA thinks you're telling the truth they'll seek a warrant and invariably get one from the judge.

Problem is that if a mechanic gives the key to a patron and let's them take the vehicle off the lot they no longer have a materialman's possessory lien on the car - I.e. you can commit grand theft by "stealing" your own car off the lot. They merely have a civil lien for the repair bill.

If its shown Autohaus gave Mr. Tibbs the key to take the car to get a loan (which is almost certain as a man of his caliber is not likely to steal keys and stage a theft in the middle of the day) then you'll actually see Autohaus paying him damages arising out of the false warrant and libelous coverage that has taken place since.

Autohaus better get themselves a good attorney and start talking settlement. Shame on the City Paper for identifying this story as "news."

By: itsmyfirstday on 7/18/12 at 6:22

Crime must really be down if a 1800 dollar repair bill will land you on the top 10 wanted list for metro Nashville. Great Job Nashville Police!



By: FaceBook:Emmett... on 7/18/12 at 6:35

Where does it say in this story that the shop gave him back the keys? Most people have an extra set of keys for their cars and he likely just used those to take his car off the lot.

By: Nashvillesanity on 7/18/12 at 7:02

@emmett - they acknowledge they let him take the car off the lot to get a short term loan to pay for the repairs. Some repairs they did, the car broke down again on the way to get the loan.

By: Jughead on 7/18/12 at 7:13

He STOLE the car off of the lot. STOLE IT. Why should he not be arrested?

By: Jughead on 7/18/12 at 7:14

He chose to make it a criminal matter when he STOLE the car from the lot.

By: Jughead on 7/18/12 at 7:15

Karl Marx Dean will pull some strings and get his crony off. Dean is a creep, and is as dishonest as Obama.

By: Jughead on 7/18/12 at 7:16

All you morons who say this is not a criminal matter would be blowing a different tune if it were your money that he STOLE.

By: Jughead on 7/18/12 at 7:17

Hope and change.

By: Nashvillesanity on 7/18/12 at 7:38

Ha, I love the way you blowhards pontificate that he "stole" the vehicle without any facts or substance to support your conclusion (after reading a few lines of the City Paper) while its really just thinly-veiled griping about the Mayor. You want this guy to hang just because he worked for Dean's campaign. That's why this is a story after all, right?

Here's to "hoping" you "change" your willful conclusory partisan-driven ignorance. I seriously doubt it though.

By: Jughead on 7/18/12 at 8:08

@Liberal Insanity: What don't you get? He owed money for repairs, the shopkeeper had a lien on the vehicle, and the criminal STOLE the vehicle when the shopkeeper was not looking.

If that is o.k. with you and Karl Dean, we are in friggin trouble.

Liberal dolt.

By: Rasputin72 on 7/18/12 at 8:12

There is something about them?

By: TRHJR on 7/18/12 at 9:01

da boy stole da car whats-up

By: Jughead on 7/18/12 at 9:34

Tibbs said he was "shocked"........ I guess it is shocking that a black person is ever held accountable for his actions anymore in America.

By: Kelliente on 7/18/12 at 9:51

Dear God the comments on this story are all disgusting. Either completely uneccesary irrelevant Dean bashing, a little bit of racism thrown in for good measure, and speciously and self-righteously "shaming" the City Paper for reporting the damn news. It IS news-- you read it and you're talking about it aren't you? No one forced you to click on the link.

By: MetalMan on 7/18/12 at 10:13

Hold it just a minute Jughead. Call him MISTER Tibbs, not TN Inmate No. 4830984.

By: yucchhii on 7/18/12 at 10:13

The DISHONERABLE MAYOR KARL "DINK" needs to be arrested!!! He's the biggest criminal in Nashville!! Look at what he's doing to Nashville...he's destroying it, as with any politician= criminal!! As with any politician in the USA, they are destroying it and the PEPLE ARE LETTING THEM DO IT!!!

By: FaceBook:Emmett... on 7/18/12 at 10:54

Nashvillesanity - Well, if that's the case, the story doesn't say so that I can see. I readily admit that in my own view anyone associated with Karl Dean is most likely dishonest, though.

By: rawhide on 7/18/12 at 10:59

D'oh! Nashvillesanity, did you even read the article? . . . talk about conclusory and partisan . . .

By: budlight on 7/19/12 at 6:34

I agree with you Emmett; Karl is dishonest and so is his entire team (aka the Troops).

Not to change the subject but did you all see where China is getting contracts INSIDE American cities to build or rennovate bridges under the Obama jobs for Americans Program? Yep, he's getting us back to work alright. While American's are working at McDonalds shuffling burgers, Chinease are welding our bridges! Oh, that's right. The Chinease do it cheaper -- not better!

By: on 7/19/12 at 6:42

Meanwhile on another transportation topic, the Tennessawful has a letter to the editor , the last one, stating the obvious that there are almost no full MTA bus's. I drive around town all times of the day for work and I never see a full one. The Mayor is trying to drum up support to spend $175M on a needless mass transit project that in spite of his propaganda machine gearing up for a full push doesn't seem to have the support of the many. The writer quite intelligently opines that what MTA needs are more small van based vehicles. But that won't look so shinning on the Mayors polished up resume for the future. Nashville and Tennessee are still going to have to fight this career wanta-be politician for some time I guess.

By: Jughead on 7/19/12 at 9:27

America is a liberal cesspool headed for civil war. At some point, the producers get damn tired of leeches and spenders like Karl Marx Dean and say "hell no."

By: cityjvtao on 7/19/12 at 11:11

I have figured it out. Yucchhii and jughead are two 5th graders who have gotten access to their mom’s computer for the summer. They are the beavis and butt-head of the City Paper and I feel sure they have both been severely abused resulting in severe brain damage. They are like many other internet trolls with no real point to make. With their hate filled and just plain stupid comments which generally have nothing to do with the topic, it is clear their goal is to inflame and spread hatred. They are simple minded children who should grow up!

By: Jughead on 7/19/12 at 12:59

@cityjvtao: Did you say something? Or, more precisely, did you say something relevant?

By: MetalMan on 7/20/12 at 5:44

No Jughead, she didn't.

By: Nashvillesanity on 12/18/12 at 8:47

It would appear I was correct. Just saying...