Former FRA football coach sees patronizing prostitution charge dismissed

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 11:36pm
Staff reports

One of two recent high profile patronizing prostitution charges was dismissed Wednesday morning after former Franklin Road Academy football coach David Pack completed coursework and paid a fee.

According to a spokeswoman for the Davidson County district attorney’s office, Pack took part in an eight-hour patronizing prostitution class during a Saturday and paid a $350 fee, which in part goes toward HIV and STD tests.

First-time offenders, who don't have previous criminal history, are eligible to have their cases dismissed after meeting those requirements, DA spokeswoman Susan Niland said.

Pack, a longtime coach and administrator at several local private schools, and Brady Banks, a Metro councilman, were both charged in patronizing prostitution stings within a week. They both allegedly agreed to meet an undercover Metro Nashville Police Department officer for sex by responding to an ad posted on

Pack resigned from his position at FRA a day after his arrest.

Banks also resigned from his job as outreach director of Gov. Bill Haslam’s Books from Birth foundation. Banks did, however, make a brief appearance at Tuesday night's council meeting.


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By: gatormikey on 2/22/12 at 11:08

I don't think they agreed to meet an to meet an undercover Metro Nashville Police Department officer for sex. That would be just plain dumb. I think they may have agreed to meet an undercover Metro Nashville Police Department officer pretending to be a hooker for sex.

By: Rasputin72 on 2/23/12 at 7:58

I have never seen this "officer" and hope that I never do. I have been told that she looks exactly like a hooker everyday.

By: Ask01 on 2/23/12 at 8:39

So, let's consider the net gain to society.

Once respected citizen publicly embarassed, resigned, now presumably unemployed. Gain-------zero

Prostitutes removed from street, none. Gain-----zero.

Cost of the operation, (salaries of law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, jailers, and other overhead) not known. Gain-----zero

Fee, presumably atached to attending basically a morality class about patronizing prostitutes. Gain-----$350.00

Not a bad days work, I suppose.

Unless of course all the cost associated with each person taking the class exceeds the $350.00 fee collected.

Of course, we have no way to assess the anger and negative attitude towards law enforcement, the judicial system, and the political system this experience has instilled in citizens. Not just those arrested, but others with the advanced quality of empathy, allowing them to imagine the emotions of those targetted.

That could be a greater cost than possible to count.

Way to watch the budget!

By: Rasputin72 on 2/23/12 at 8:49

You are red-hot today ASK01!

By: Eye Nose & Now ... on 2/23/12 at 9:32

If these two men had been patronizing a male pervert decoy there are many who
would be lauding them as "progressive."

By: localboy on 2/23/12 at 9:51

How many? I think you would be alone among posters in lauding them. :)

By: bigcat0001 on 2/23/12 at 9:54

woo hoo!!!!1 $350! hey metro how about u get the big fish b4 u worry about the minnows! cops are such a joke around here. lets make sure our arrest numbers are up! how about our old chief constantly lying about ticket quotas, which most assuredly exist

police require probable cause to search ur vehicle... but if u refuse a search, which is ur right as an american, that is probable cause. and on and on ....... they never stop.

By: PKVol on 2/23/12 at 11:56

I would almost guarantee that this is 2 'Johns' that will never again patronize a prostitute. Hopefully, this will also deter someone (hopefully, many) to not patronize prostitution either due to the fact that even though it'll only cost you $350 in 'fees' if you get caught, the embarassment factor is a much greater deterent. If you do away with 'demand' for prostitution, the 'supply' has no audience from which to perform services. There will always be a supply if there is a demand, but if you can lower the demand, then you've affected the trade.

I think the practice of using stings is meeting the objective.

By: Ask01 on 2/23/12 at 12:42

The problem, PKVol, is even in the ruins of ancient cities, evidence has been uncovered proving this has been with us throughout recorded history.

Society will never eradicate the practice.

What will happen though, is the providers and the customers will find new, more elaborate methods of conducting business. Most likely, this will result in increasing the cost of conducting stings, and by extension facilitate the spread of disease since finding those involved will be more difficult.

But, since government is so flush with disposable income, I suppose it is OK to continue tossing funds out the window to recover $350.00 per head and take two customers off the street.

The message from Metro is clear. Do not patronize prostitutes. Adultery is OK though since no money changes hands.

Oh, come on, when was the last time you heard of anyone accused of adultery, unless connected with a divorce, or even prosecuted?

In my opinion, we are not getting an adequate return for the investment.

By: Susustra on 2/24/12 at 1:36

Oh okay I get it. It is okay IS teacher /coach who works with hich school children to 1) break the law 2) break the law in a sexually immoral manner and 3) break the law in a sexually immoral manner as long as it isn't with minors because it costs the city money?

No one seems to asking the most obvious question.... what kind of example has this act set for his FOOTBALL PLAYERS??!!!!! Geez. You all have got to be his friends or something because I can guarrentee this - I know no mother who I have talked to who wants her son anywhere near his football program. And I don't hear the word investigation either - must be because the word private is involved.

By: RTungsten on 2/24/12 at 4:03

Actually, lots of folks want to be part of his football programs because he WINS on the field. More importantly, there are LOTS of parents who wish their kids could go to Ensworth, FRA or CPA rather than Metro schools, but can't get in for grades or lack of money. What he does in his free time is his business, no more threating than having a couple drinks after work and driving a "little" drunk.

By: Rasputin72 on 2/24/12 at 4:33

Susuestra..........I don't think he works there any more! In fact I know he does not work there any more. It is my understanding that he was mentioned as being far more honorable than 98% of the people who paid no income tax last year.

I would bet that in the world you live in that there is enough adultery going around to make the David Pack story as a foot note.

The only thing that trouble me is that his pay at FRA was so low that he had to solicit a sting/whore from Dickerson Rd. Everybody in the FRA,MBA,Ensworth,BGA,Brentwood Academy,David Lipscomb world knows that a decent prostitute has a cost of around 700 to 900 dollars.

By: Ask01 on 2/24/12 at 5:52

Susustra, if he was describing his exploits, bragging to his players and other students, or taking them along on his outings, I would definitely have a problem such actions. Just the same as if you began relating the lurid details of your sex life to a group of minors.

Such acts are personal and should not be aired in public unless requested.

All indications are, however, he did no such thing. In fact, had Metro not set up the circumstances and lured him to the meeting, arresting him and making the arrest public, everyone would be blissfully ignorant.

Rasputin72 is probably correct that more acts of adultery are committed in Nashville than acts of prostitution. In fact, many are probably laughing at him for actually paying for "it." (You know......."IT.")

Don't worry though, I've read many police departments around the nation are going to begin using drones as 'crime fighting' tools. Eventually, they may finagle approval to use other devices to check up on the public, so your private life too may soon be on display for all to see.

By: Ask01 on 2/24/12 at 5:57

Rasputin72, $700 to $900? Wow, I had no idea not having availed myself of the services.

When stationed in California, a friend used to go to Las Vegas every other month and 'hire the services' of a 'hostess' for a weekend. He claimed to spend $200 to $300 for the entire weekend. Of course, honesty requires I specify that transpired in the 1970's.

Inflation is a killer, is it not?

By: Rasputin72 on 2/25/12 at 8:16

ASK01........You betcha, Don't you just hate when the things that men covet most are the items inflation hits the most? Yet even at $1000 dollars per decent hooker it beats the cost of a divorce.

I know a fellow who worked like a dog and had a net worth of around 16 million dollars. His wife "fooled" around and spent her other time playing bridge at the Country Club. They got a divorce at her insistence. He related to me that the divorce cost him around $10,000 dollars per "stroke"

By: Susustra on 2/25/12 at 3:45

The problem with the "blissful ignorant" part is there is no such concept for a teenager. Kids are VERY smart - especially kids that hang on your every word because they know you are good at what you do. They look up to you because you have taught them to be good.

Because he is a "great" coach is exactly why people should be worried. He has shaped lives - but now he has disappointed those shaped lives. Kids listen and "live" everything their coaches say. The more successful the coach, the more dangerous. They listen to these coaches more than their parents. And they hear the little things said on the side- WAY MORE than any adult thinks.

I feel for the kids who saw his mug shot up on the internet the day they found out. Don't blame the media or the police - they didn't tell him to break the law. There is a whole genre of teen targeted "funny" web sites that have mug shots of locals who have screwed up. Kids look at these web sites and laugh at the mug shots. What do you think when they thought when they saw their coach one of these sites. I think that is more damaging than what a few of you think.- and that damage is something he should have thought through. He had a responsibility not to do that crap because he was a teacher. He had a responsibility not to make a teenager he knows and has taught, not see that crap. a moral responsibility. If he were a public school teacher - there is even state annotated code that covers this responsibility this moral responsibility - but because he taught in a private school the code doesn't apply. He doesn't get a pass because of the impact on kids - no blissful ignorance for the teen.

By: Ask01 on 2/25/12 at 5:53

Susutra, I understand the position you are taking, however, I am afraid I believe the now ex coach is guilty of breaking a law which should not even be a law. Further, I believe the law exists only to pacify uptight prudes who feel it is their business to be morality police.

That is the only reason the kids even saw a mugshot in the paper. Plus the fact the police lured him there. You have to admit, this is definitely picking low hanging fruit. Much safer on average than assaulting drug houses and busting drug dealers.

Can you offer a single logical argument why we should be meddling into the sex lives of citizens? Morality cannot be legislated, so that fails as an argument. His responsibility as a teacher fall somewhat short also, I believe. Pretty much anything a person does away from the job is there personal business. I've seen no evidence students had any idea his sexual activities, and would not have had Metro not lured him to the meeting.

The funniest aspect is people do this all the time, married or unmarried but it only becomes a crime if money is exchanged. Perhaps we should arrest people who become intimate after a date. Money has been spent, so in effect the act paid for. I guess you support that also.

Sometimes the ignorance of our society astounds me.

By: fightcrib on 3/2/12 at 8:31

"Oh, you are a great prostitute, honey. Yes, you are!!"

That is an example of patronizing prostitution.

Fightcrib, BNA