Former NFL player pleads guilty in federal court

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 4:41pm
Staff reports

Dwayne Rudd, a former NFL player who lives in Atlanta, pleaded guilty Sept. 4 in U.S. District Court in Nashville, to failure to pay court-ordered child support charges, according to U.S. Attorney Edward M. Yarbrough.

Rudd, 33, played for the Minnesota Vikings (1997-2000), Cleveland Browns (2001-2002), and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2003) over the course of his seven-year NFL career.

He was previously ordered by an Illinois state court to pay $7,500 per month in child support but consistently failed to do so, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. He currently owes more than $540,000 in child support.

“This is another sad example of a parent, who has the means to pay child support, failing to meet his court ordered responsibilities. Federal crimes like this are prosecuted aggressively by U.S. Attorney offices across the country,” U.S. Attorney Ed Yarbrough said.

Rudd will be sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge John Nixon on Nov. 30. The maximum penalty for failure to pay child support is 2 years in prison.


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By: frank brown on 9/10/09 at 1:56

It is very expensive to stand on principle. I can only admire someone who does.

By: house_of_pain on 9/10/09 at 5:44

Unless the guy has 15 kids, $7,500 per month is way too much.

By: sidneyames on 9/10/09 at 6:52

House of pain, it's not based on the number of kids you have. It's a federal law, based on your income and ability to pay. Look it up. If this football player can live the "high life" then his baby momma and/or wife and children should also be afforded the same life style. $7,500 may be too much for an average Joe/Jane to pay, but for the likes of a high rolling football player, it's chump change on a monthly basis.

By: T Willis on 9/10/09 at 7:19

Terry Willis
I am a firm believer in taking care of your responsibilities and taking care of your kids. But that is ridiculous it doesn't take $7500 a month to support 1, 2, or even 3 kids. It's all about the money. The courts and our society have made it seem that all the father is good for is to pay for everything. Most courts especially in Tennessee does not give the father equal time or equal rights when it comes to their child. If it is a better living situation with the father then the children should live with him.
I wished that there was someone to talk to about changes in the Tennessee State laws where fathers that want to be a part of their child's lives could have that equal opportunity and quality of life with their children. It seems that when the parents divorce the fathers rights cut off at paying support, insurance etc. I know there is a lot of dead beat dads out there that don't take of their kids and don't care about being in the kids life but for those that do we get punished and lumped in with all the rest.

By: T Willis on 9/10/09 at 7:40

Sidneyames, I know it is federal law based on your income but most take the money and live the high life as you say and don't spend it on the kids. I think that most athletes make way to much money but if you think about how long most are able to play they are one injury away from ending their career and that money train. If the living situation is better with the father then why can't the children live with him or do you like most think that the father can't take care of them like the mother so all he is good for is to pay. Maybe he don't want to see his kids I don't know I do know there are fathers out there that do that don't get to be more than weekend dads and that's wrong. If she is to get that money she should have to provide the court with receipts for what she spends on the child to show that it is going for the child not her.

By: sidneyames on 9/10/09 at 7:59

T Willis, the children don't live with the fathers in most cases because the dad's don't want the hassel. I loved my dad, but his life style was not condusive to having children in it. You know gambling, drinking, carrousing! My husband paid child support for 15 years and provided insurance. The TEXAS court would not let her live with us. Then after 15 years, when she was 20 she called and needed money to have her 8 rotten teeth filled. Her mother told her that they could not afford a dentist. The dentist office was within walking distance from her house and she had 100% coverage paid by her dad. Her mother was too lazy. I called the dentist and he said that "she's not been to my office in 12 years". We paid the $1200 for her and told her the truth. She chewed her lazy mother out. T. Willis, many mothers are responsible. It's the few irresponsible ones that give the rest a bad name. Same goes with fathers. But we do have some serious problems with parents who don't pay child support. I feel sorry for Dads who are caught in the vicious battle over custody, etc. Sometimes women can use children as pawns. And so can men.

By: T Willis on 9/10/09 at 8:30

sidneyames, you are right there are serious problems with people not taking care of their kids and mothers using their kids as pawns as such in my case. I am a good father and just want to be more a part of my daughters life the court gave me every other weekend and Monday night for 3 hours Not enough. I pay my child support and carry insurance on her and have to pay everything the insurance company don't pay and don't mind a bit. I just want to spend more time with her and be able to be an equal part of her life.

By: sidneyames on 9/10/09 at 10:05

Having come from a divorced background and then having a step daughter, let me offer this: When you are with her, NEVER speak ill of her mother or her mother's situation. Never! Just do father/daughter things. Don't over-spend. Teach her the value of a dollar. Show her the best side of you. For some reason you and her mother did not make it. That is between 2 adults. There are 3 sides to that story: Your side, her side and the REAL side. My dad was a blatent drunk, wife beater, spending the pay check on Friday night at poker. Mother worked hard, was beautiful and had a great body. Daddy still "dated" out on her. BUT I defended him forever. Mother did not speak ill of him until I was 40 when she blurted out "your daddy and that red head" and then I had to pry it out of him that he dated my stepmother when I was 6; mother divorced him when I was 11 and he married the red head. By the way, she hated me because I loved my daddy ruthlessly. By the time I was 40, I was able to see through daddy's game. He settled down when he was 65. So, give your daughter a better daddy than I had. And your wife should respect you for paying the fair share. Believe you me, you can't raise a kid on $200 a month but some people think you can.