Four laptop computers stolen from Music City Center site

Monday, October 25, 2010 at 6:29pm

Music City Center employees returned to work Monday morning to find four Metro-owned laptop computers had been stolen from a construction trailer over the weekend.

Metro’s Information Technology Services Director Keith Durbin said the stolen laptops contained project documents related to design and construction. While two of the four were encrypted, Durbin said he believes no sensitive documents containing Social Security or credit card numbers were stored on any of the machines.

Holly McCall, MCC spokeswoman, said it appeared the laptops were stolen randomly from four offices at different ends of the trailer and there were no obvious signs of a break-in.

Though some employees were working onsite Saturday, it’s unclear exactly when the computers went missing.

Both departments were working with Metro police to recover the laptops, each one of which was valued at about $800, Durbin said.

Police spokesman Don Aaron’s office didn’t immediately have any information on the thefts or any ongoing investigation.