Francis Guess arrested on DUI charge

Monday, September 27, 2010 at 2:45pm

The executive vice president of The Danner Company and community leader Francis Guess is out of jail on bond Monday after being arrested on a driving under the influence charge Sunday night.

Metro police arrested Guess, 64, at an Exxon gas station at Brick Church Pike and Trinity Lane after witnesses told police he had fallen while exiting his vehicle. The arrest warrant also states Guess nearly hit a police car while driving to the gas pumps.

According to police, Guess admitted to having “a couple of Jack Daniels at the Legends” and while performing field sobriety tests stated he didn’t want to continue taking the tests because he felt he’d had “too much to drink tonight.”

Police charged Guess with driving under the influence and violating the state’s implied consent.

Guess is out of jail on $1,000 bail. He could not be immediately reached for comment Monday afternoon.

Guess has served on numerous boards, including serving as the board chairman of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau.

He served in Gov. Lamar Alexander’s cabinet as the commissioner of both the Department of Labor and the Department of General Services.

He is currently serving a two-year term on the state Supreme Court’s Access to Justice Commission.

President Ronald Reagan appointed Guess to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in the 1980s.

Guess was brutally beaten outside of his home in October 2007 when a robber attacked him with a lawnmower blade.

He returned a call seeking comment, saying, "I wouldn't comment on anything until after it's been adjudicated."

Guess said attorney C.K. McLemore would represent him at his Oct. 25 court date before Judge Dianne Turner.

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By: Trumpet on 9/28/10 at 9:03

All mugshots look sinister, don't they? But 'times they are a'changing'. Or so it seems. A week or-so ago I was stopped at Ninth & Jefferson and notified by a Metro Policeman that I was driving on expired registration. A total oversight on my part. The first in my driving history, I believe. After helping me review the paperwork I had, trying to understand how this had happened, the Officer informed me that he was just going to warn me and not ticket me so that I could correct the matter when I got home. I thanked him and we talked for a minute. Two days later I was able to register my vehicle, to correct the oversight. I expressed my appreciation to the Officer for the favor he had extended to me. God Bless him.

I am living on fixed-income, Social Security. I believe the Officer sensed that I might be challenged by having to encounter the system with the expense of a violation. Very perceptive, a ticket would have forced me into bankruptcy. I have been telling all my associates, many of them near my age and very race-conscious, about the suprisingly positive treatment
I received. They mostly express disbelief......

This is turning into a long commentary. I have not made my point, yet!
But I believe hearing (reading) the rest of the story might be worthwhile. I need a column. Like Teddy Bart!!! (To be continued) "The times They are a'changing".....Joe/The Collection