Fugitive pastor captured in Louisiana

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 3:34pm
Staff reports
John Stephen Vaughn

A Franklin fugitive is awaiting extradition to Tennessee after he was arrested in Abita Springs, La.

John Stephen Vaughn, 36, was picked up May 29 by Louisiana State Police in Abita Springs, La., according to Franklin Police.

A self-proclaimed evangelical preacher and inspirational author, Vaughn faces local charges of theft, failure to appear and filing a false report with police.

The theft charge is related the fraudulent sale of a computer, one of three that were shipped to Sevier County but fraudulently billed to a Nashville business in early 2007, to a Franklin business, police said.

Vaughn was arrested in January 2007 in Sevier County. He was released from the Williamson County Jail a short time after his arrest, but he failed to appear at his scheduled court date.

Extradition proceedings will begin after Vaughn answers charges filed against him by numerous parishes in Louisiana including filing false public records, identity theft, insurance fraud, bank fraud, issuing worthless checks and theft, police said.


5 Comments on this post:

By: robertmack on 6/10/09 at 6:32

Man O Man, this is some kind of preacher. And then they talk about wanting to convert people to their church! All I can say is WOW !

By: MWPYLE on 6/10/09 at 8:13

I wonder if this guy was a plumber or truck driver or firemen if the headline would read "Fugutive _____ caught in LA"? That there are crooks who hide under the guise of ministry is no different than the fact there are bad cops, teachers, financial advisors, and software developers.

By: frank brown on 6/10/09 at 8:15

He certainly knew enough to realize that religion is a good place to work a scam. It just takes time to get the huddled masses believing you are what you say you are. It is all about salesmanship. Evidently this fellow was a little over anxious in the process.

By: shenanigan on 6/10/09 at 12:28

I got to wonder if he was not one of the religious right of the republican 's party. If not he would make a wonderful candidate for the right

By: cookeville on 6/10/09 at 7:43

Come now, one has to do what one has to do in order to promote God's work. lol This is the second preacher I've read about today that has run afoul of the law. What's up with these God fearers? I guess they fear God more than they fear the law!