Gang Unit detectives cap record year with Crazy White Boys bust

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 at 1:24am

The Metro Police Gang Unit capped the most prolific year in its history by making a series of narcotics trafficking arrests of members from the Crazy White Boys gang.

Six members and associates of the Crazy White Boys gang were arrested last week on drug distribution charges for selling close to 2,000 homemade ecstasy pills and painkillers to undercover Gang Unit detectives.

Arrested as a result of the four-month investigation were Joseph “Swap Shop Joe” Tarre, the alleged leader of the gang, and five other individuals. Also arrested were Tarre’s girlfriend Kellie Applegate, Crazy White Boys members Robert Dailey, Jonathan Bell and Samuel Lusty in addition to Lusty’s girlfriend Amanda Fitih.

Tarre delivered homemade ecstasy pills in quantities up to 500 on four occasions to the undercover detective, police said.

According to Detective Gerry Hyder, this was the first bust of Crazy White Boys members since the Gang Unit was formed in 2004.

Hyder said Crazy White Boys were attached to the street hip hop culture and often used the money earned selling drugs to make music. Swap Shop Joe was a back-up singer for local rapper Haystak, according to Hyder, and had gone on tour with him in the past.

“With anything, you need money to make music, you need money to lay down tracks,” said Hyder, who added that although the Gang Unit was aware of Crazy White Boys, they weren’t suspected of any more violent or gun-related crimes. “A lot of these guys are very smart guys, especially Joe, he’s a smart, business-minded guy. He’s sang on a lot of albums.”

According to police, Crazy White Boys are not a white supremacist group and in fact have some black members in their ranks as well. Hyder said the investigation showed there were two local chapters of the Crazy White Boys. There was the Straight Pits, led by Tarre, and the I4NI group.

Lusty was a member of the latter group and was charged with selling more than 400 painkillers to detectives.

“This investigation shows that gang activity in Nashville transcends race, gender and age groups,” Metro Police Chief Ronal Serpas said. “Our Gang Unit is doing an excellent job behind the scenes monitoring and investigating gang activity in a number of different areas across Davidson County.”

The statistics back up Serpas’s praise. After having their unit doubled in size in 2007 to 12 detectives and two sergeants, the Gang Unit had a record number of arrests (2,359), felony arrests (321) and gun seizures (136).

Hyder said he hoped the Crazy White Boys arrests would earn attention for the fact that suspected drug dealers would no longer be on the streets of Nashville, especially the Hermitage area where Tarre’s group operated.

“I think this should be a case that gets a lot of interest, not because they’re white, but because we have people that were involved in drug activity off the streets,” Hyder said. “We have people that were involved with manufacturing ecstasy pills in a residential area that are not doing that any more.”

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By: nikabob65 on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Now, why not treat them for what they are instead of a pat on the wrist and say "be a good boy now"!!!!!

By: Loso on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Wow, The CWB. lol I dont know what to say about this one. I mean I am not surprised but one thing i can say, these boys are not as bad as they are trying to make them out to be. Yea they broke the law and sold drugs. But people break the law everyday by going that extra 5mph over the speed limit. Wich can cause a accident wich is just as deadly as those drugs CwB are accused of selling. so dont be all high and mighty. I know haystack and swap shop. They are not really thugs. They are acutally repectfull guys who have done some things they shouldnt. to each their own.

By: gdiafante on 12/31/69 at 6:00

So selling drugs is now as minor as going 5 mph over the speed limit? To each their own?That's ridiculous. If you speed, and break the law, you pay a fine. If you sell drugs, you go to jail. Simple.

By: Loso on 12/31/69 at 6:00

The reason why selling drugs is illegal isnt because its bad for people, its because uncle sam doesnt get his cut. Thats why its illegal. You have murders and rapist who get locked up and do 10 years but drug dealears who get 25 to life. Its about money. You hold out on uncle sam then you pay the price. And no i dont condone drug dealing at all.

By: bestkiter on 12/31/69 at 6:00

All I can say is WOW… I think it is unfortunate for the Nashville Police Department to admit on spending FOUR MONTHS on a so-called gang that has a total of FIVE people in it. That doesn’t seem like a major bust and only a waste of time and a waste of our highly paid taxes ! ! ! Fact is, the CWB Crew that Swap Shop Joe allegedly led is just a couple of dudes that hang out. The true vision of CWB is not any part of this little crew. Another major fact here is that Swap Shop Joe did sell some drugs but on a small basis. The reason for selling the high quantity is because he was pushed by the detectives setting him up for failure. Ya, he sold a total of 1200 pills to a cop in which is absolutely stupid but really in total I bet he never sold any more than 100 other than to the detectives… LMAOL !OK, I have to admit that I am completely confused in our American judicial system. Selling of some drugs is punished 5-10 times harder than murder, rape, child molestation??? What is up with our American system now-a-days???On an end note, all who know Swap Shop, you know that he has a big heart and only attempts to get attention. He raps great and gives a great show. He is not a drug dealer and I hope the cops, detectives, FBI concentrate on getting the real bad guys and not the EXTREMELY LITTLE GUYS…As stated in the internet all over the place, CONGRATULATIONS NASHVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT, DETECTIVES AND FBI FOR THE LARGEST GANG & DRUG BUST OF ALL TIMES - LOL

By: I4NI on 4/11/13 at 2:57

just to set the record straight...
Mr. Hyder is misinformed. I4NI was never meant to be a chapter of CWB. Its actually quite the opposite! we changed our BAND NAME to I4NI to get away from the negative controversy of CWB.
These guys were part of a CWB that they created unofficially. All gangs are stupid and immature, but I do know the real facts behind the (crazy white boys). It was never meant to be a gang, and still isn't. It was a local MUSIC GROUP that was semi-successful and just so happens the group built a brand. Not intentional for any other reason than a fan base, but it escalated as "fans" or "followers" began to embrace the brand as an IDENTITY! White Boys, and yes, some dumb white boys, felt they had something to claim or be part of. And I'm sure if you research articles such as the Tennessean about gangs, it explains that's how 90% of gangs start. Kids wanting to be part of something. The great idea was profitable on a music, merchandise, etc.scheme, but the negative impact was it was being represented by knuckleheads who wanted it to be a "identity"(gang). You can't control hundreds of white kids going to get it tattooed and developing it in their neighborhood as a "family, click, set". I know because I tried. I AM one of the original musicians who started this trend. And as I mentioned before, when it started growing and popping up everywhere, we were under the impression we had created a brilliant idea that had a large FAN BASE growing daily. Until the social media and websites put a face with the growth, we had no idea it was people turning it into means of glorifying the negative lifestyles. Once we seen white boys posting pictures of guns and representing "CWB", there was no way to stop it. It was growing, and growing fast! It's much larger than people think, but remains under ground and very "low key". (Excluding the idiots posting pics of them and their guns on facebook.) The negative spotlight pretty much forced us as a music group to depart from it as a band, as we didn't want to be held accountable for the "followers" actions, as they were taking it down a path we didn't see coming. Yes our bio is listed as four white kids growing up in all black neighborhoods, and being outcasted or the misfits, but we were trying to glorify positive things, even tho it was thru hip hop. God, family, and music, but I can only speak for the four of us who developed (CWB) as a band or music group.