Gibson CEO to attend Obama speech as Rep. Blackburn's guest

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 at 5:51pm

Two weeks ago, Gibson Guitar Corp. CEO Henry Juszkiewicz went on the offensive before reporters, bemoaning the “overreaching federal government” one day after U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agents raided his Nashville facility.

On Thursday evening, the Nashville Gibson executive will have a seat in the House gallery as President Barack Obama delivers a highly anticipated address on job creation in front of a joint session of Congress.

Juszkiewicz, quickly becoming conservatives’ poster child for supposed federal government intrusion, is the guest of Williamson County conservative U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tennessee, who has chosen to prop up the embattled CEO as the embodiment of a small businessman simply trying to get by.

“Gibson Guitar is at the heart of this jobs debate, and is an example of exactly why President Obama has it wrong when it comes to getting our economy back on track,” Blackburn said in a statement.

“Maybe if the president spent more time finding real solutions to empowering small business owners and less time hindering businesses like Gibson, we’d see more new jobs being created.”

Gibson Guitar took center stage in August when federal agents seized ebony and rosewood imported from India after the celebrated guitar manufacturer allegedly violated the Lacey Act, which in 2008 was amended to prohibit the illegal trafficking of plants and plant products. A year and half ago, a similar raid on Gibson centered on imports from Madagascar.

Juszkiewicz, who has cited a lack of due process, has labeled his company the victim of federal government “bullying.” Blackburn has extended the outcry as a full-out governmental assault against small business.

“While the President is busy delivering speeches, small business leaders like Henry are busy trying to deliver results,” Blackburn said. “The best thing President Obama could do is seek their advice, then get out of the way. Big government doesn’t create jobs, small businesses like Gibson Guitar do.”

In previous comments, U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper, D-Tennessee, has said he’s worried about potential “heavy-handed tactics.”

“I’ve contacted The White House and the Department of Justice to find out what’s really going on,” Cooper said the day after the raid. 

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By: pswindle on 9/7/11 at 9:11

He knew the law, why did he violate it? This is something that the air-head from Franklin would do. If I'm not wrong, the law was amended in 2008 under George Bush. They try to blame President Obama for all of their woes.

By: Loner on 9/8/11 at 4:20

Isn't that just special? A whining scabby scofflaw being treated like royalty by a Tea part whack job. A microcosm of the future under the baggers?

By: macjedi on 9/8/11 at 8:12

Yeah this is bunk. Most thinking people should run screaming from an invitation by that moron for ANYTHING. Being associated with her clueless ass is not going to help his case.

By: JeffF on 9/8/11 at 8:15

Cannot wait until 2013.

By: sidneyames on 9/8/11 at 8:44

pswindle on 9/7/11 at 10:11
He knew the law, why did he violate it? This is something that the air-head from Franklin would do. If I'm not wrong, the law was amended in 2008 under George Bush. They try to blame President Obama for all of their woes.

It is not against the law IN THE COUNTRY where they buy the wood. And Martin Guitar uses the same wood. When are you air heads going to wake up and smell the coffee? This is about dirty politics on ODrama's part. He is going after anyone who supported the GOP.

MARTIN gives to the dems. Sounds sort of fishy to me.

By: mayorofstcharles on 9/8/11 at 10:38

if beauty queen blackburn had her way we would all be drinking tainted water....bacteria laden food and breathing toxic fumes all day....that is what happens when persons vote incompetence over substance...GO TNGOP!

By: Radix on 9/8/11 at 12:13

More completely ridiculous posts from Loner and Swindle.

If Obama gave tax breaks to the rich, you would defend it and blame the Tea Party. Utterly comical.

The Tea Party:
-Constitutional scope of Government
-Lower Taxes
-Balanced Budgets

Its amazing the lengths that some go to to demonize that.

By: Alphadog7 on 9/8/11 at 12:27

Thanks Ms Blackburn for looking out for her constituents. Gibson is a huge part of Nashville and Obama along with his Union tools would love to send these non-union jobs overseas. Business vs Obama is becoming a familiar theme lately.

Loner and Jedi, sorry but you are going to have to get off food stamps and actually work when Obama is gone, so quit defending him, its not going to get you more free stuff that my kids will pay for.

By: JohnGalt on 9/8/11 at 1:10

Loner won't have to work. He'll be able to keep sippin' those Starbucks lattes and ridin' his motorcycle on that big, fat guvmint post office check he gets every month.