Graduation celebration for Hispanic Metro students planned

Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 2:07pm
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Graduating Hispanic students will be honored at a dedicated ceremony next week, Nashville’s public school district has announced.

More than 450 MNPS Hispanic seniors will be recognized this year, along with their parents. Mayor Karl Dean will be a speaker at the event and Vanderbilt University political science professor Efrén Pérez will deliver the keynote address.

“As a district, we are very proud of these students, as we are all of our graduates,” said MNPS Director of Schools Jesse Register in a statement. “They have worked extremely hard, overcome many obstacles, and kept a tight focus on graduating. I have no doubt each will succeed in whatever it is they choose to do.”

A similar ceremony was started last year by COPLA – that stands for Comité de Padres Latinos in Spanish, and Committee of Latino Parents in English. COPLA will host this year’s event, too, though the number of students slated to be honored has risen from 250 last year. Local Hispanic and non-Hispanic businesses and nonprofit groups have provided COPLA with food, entertainment and other contributions.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 27, at 7 p.m. at the Boone Business Building of Trevecca Nazarene University at 333 Murfreesboro Road. Entrance is by invitation only. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. for registration, followed by a tour of the university campus and a pre-event reception.

MNPS had more than 10,000 Hispanic students enrolled last year, according to data from the Tennessee Education Report Card, and Hispanic kids made up about 14 percent of the district’s student body.

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By: Magnum on 5/21/09 at 12:40

"Graduating Hispanic students will be honored at a dedicated ceremony..."

They already have a dedicated cerimony to honor them...its called graduation.

By: courier37027 on 5/21/09 at 5:15

Catholic Bishop David Choby and the Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Hotel manager had better show up at this special ceremony. After their campaign to welcome, give hospitality to, and support our foreign-born citizens via Against English Only campaign. And what about Koreans, Vietnamese, Kurds and other nationalities? Where is their ceremony? Will Nashville's two most ardent supporters attend each?

By: shrub on 5/22/09 at 9:16

I agree. Graduation is a reward in itself. Why have a separate ceremony to honor Hispanic graduates? I don't understand the point. Are they more at risk of dropping out? Why not have a special ceremony for students at Pearl Cohn, etc. who graduate? They are the ones living in the inner city and more at risk for dropping out.

By: Dragon on 5/22/09 at 9:20

Why is Metro practicing blatant discrimination? Separate graduations based on race? Absurd.

By: blarney33 on 5/23/09 at 2:08

what about the irsh graduation party?

By: blarney33 on 5/23/09 at 2:09