Grand jury indicts wrong-way driver on vehicular homicide charges

Friday, July 27, 2012 at 3:30pm
Staff reports

A Davidson County grand jury has indicted the 22-year-old woman who allegedly caused a fatal accident by driving the wrong way down Interstate 65 in February.

According to police, Rebecca Benson was intoxicated in the incident and told officers she thought she was in a taxi when the accident occurred. Steffanie Leonard, 29, of Franklin, died in the crash.

Benson faces two counts of vehicular homicide, one of which was added during the grand jury process. The indictment claims Benson’s intoxication and her conduct resulted in Leonard’s death.

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By: JeffF on 7/27/12 at 1:59

Look forward to seeing this piece of white trash on COPS, Jerry Springer, and Maury Povich once she gets out of prison.

If she was pretty and classy someone would have driven her drunk but home. Sadly she has the aura of carnival trash so she had to drive herself and then ends up killing a beautiful person with a future.

By: sonny1024 on 7/29/12 at 8:11

it reminds me of a case in Springfield were the juvenile judge was arrested on DUI and attempted bribery of trying to get the officer not to arrest her because of who she was. believe it or not her court records are not open to the public so no one nos how many times this judge has been arrested for the same charges.but i no one thing if she has a wreck while DUI and someone dies [ god forbid] then we will no but i think it would be to late then DON'T YOU ?. as always just my opinion and who am I well I am nobody

By: G.Scout on 7/30/12 at 3:05

Hey, JeffF -- Am I missing something? Did you get pictures of these people with your article? How do you know she's carnival trash and ugly? And how do you know the poor deceased young woman is beautiful with a future? This is an extremely tragic story for ALL involved whether beautiful, ugly, poor or wealthy. Just because she (obviously) has a drinking problem it doesn't mean she's ugly, carnival trash. And what do Jerry Springer or Maury have to do with this story?

By: JeffF on 7/31/12 at 9:34

Her picture was in the Tennessean. She indeed looks like someone straight from Tootsies. Also the Tennessean did a wonderful piece on the victim the weekend after the tragedy.

She is deserving of the carnival trash label so I will use it. Since carnival trash also frequent Springer and Maury she is also deserving of that. All is fair when a wretched piece of human trash takes a life in this manner. She is ugly beyond all human perceptive ability and we as a society need to separate ourselves from her weakened genetics.

By: thomas37 on 12/19/12 at 4:10

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