Green Hills Mall beating suspect pleads guilty

Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 2:59pm
Robert Tice Jr.

One of the four people charged in the brutal attack of senior citizen inside the Dillard's parking garage at the Mall at Green Hills pleaded guilty to especially aggravated robbery Thursday morning.

Robert Tice Jr., 21, faced especially aggravated robbery charges stemming from the March 3 incident in which Robert DeMoss, 63, was savagely beaten with a baseball bat.

Police at the time said they believed Tice was the person who beat DeMoss. Tice is the first of the four to enter a plea in the case.

The driver of the car, Johnathon Harris, 18, of Chamberlin Street, a passenger, Catherine Mills, 18, of Disspayne Drive, and Brittany Bannister, 19, of Snyder Drive, also face especially aggravated robbery charges.

DeMoss suffered serious injuries and a lengthy hospital stay after the attack. He was not able to attend the hearing Thursday.

Tice was released from prison in January after serving three years for burglary in Sumner County, police said.

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By: Nash19 on 10/16/09 at 5:42

Soooo........what are the Vegas odds on how fast these lower than scum "people" get out and are back on the streets "keepin' it real"? The victim is STILL in the hospital and will have huge medical bills to pay. I say make the scum bags pay for it. But how? What worth are they to society anyway?

By: house_of_pain on 10/16/09 at 6:37

Put these punks under the jail.

By: DaddyYo on 10/16/09 at 7:20

Another result of white punks acting like what the liberal entertainment media want - the thug life comes to Green Hills. There you go liberal racists. You made this world, now you have to live in ti.

By: ardillicphos on 10/16/09 at 7:22

Send this illegal immigrant back to his home country!

By: noitall on 10/16/09 at 8:35

Such intelligent commentary here...

Really like what old DaddyYo has to say.

By: frank brown on 10/16/09 at 8:42

This is the most astonishing news and picture that I have seen in months and months!~!!

By: dargent7 on 10/16/09 at 9:04

Tice, Jr's life is OVER. He'll get 10-15, out in 6...if DeMoss lives. But, next time, post pictures of both loving parents side by side, with him in the middle, so everyone knows who raised this animal.

By: courier37027 on 10/16/09 at 10:15

Nash19, you bring up an interesting point about restitution. I say once they get out of prison a portion of wages should be garnished until medical bills are paid. They should be made ineligible for any public assistance. I would go so far as to say take whatever social security balance they have and pay for victim's bills.

All of this "debt to society" bunk needs to have a dollar sign attached to it. Michael Vick should reimburse taxpayers for his time in jail. These punks should do same.

By: DDG on 10/16/09 at 2:58

He won't be out in 6. He got 20 years "without the possibility of parole." Looks like prison really helped him the first time (sarcasm). We'll see what good it does him this time. Hopefully he'll get sodomized and beat enough that it changes his behavior. Seems like this one doesn't learn easily.

By: abrahamlincoln on 10/16/09 at 4:12

this thugs must be republican extremists trying to convert seniors to be republicans by beating them up