Greyhound hub holding up Music City Center construction

Friday, March 5, 2010 at 12:55am

Securing a new home for Greyhound Lines, owner of the final parcel needed for the new 1.2-million-square-foot Music City Center, has caused some minor construction delays on the project.

With blasting and drilling at the 16-acre convention center footprint slated to begin next week, project manager Larry Atema informed the Convention Center Authority on Thursday that the construction team is “a little bit behind” schedule because it lacks all the properties to give full notices on proceedings.

“We’re a long ways from really getting to that piece, but it’s still a piece,” Atema said of the Greyhound site, adding it needs to be acquired by early summer.

The hold-up is relocating the hub. Metro Finance Director Richard Riebeling said parcels where the bus station could move are in the process of being identified, but “it’s not moving as fast as all of us would like.”

Greyhound, which has operated its Nashville terminal at the corner of Eighth Avenue and Demonbreun Street since 1987, has been rumored to be in line for a temporary move to a building it owns on nearby Lafayette Street. For now, however, Metro and Greyhound officials are remaining tightlipped on possible locations.

Greyhound spokesperson Maureen Richmond called the relocation of the bus hub “an ongoing process.”

“At this point we are looking at properties throughout Nashville, and no decisions have been made at this point,” said Richmond, who declined to reveal potential sites. “Some may be stronger possibilities than others.”

A year ago, Greyhound executives sought to move the bus station to Murfreesboro Road, creating uproar among merchants who believed a Greyhound facility would bring crime and violence to the area. Businessman Bobby Joslin, ironically an outspoken Music City Center proponent, led the push.

After a spirited public hearing on the issue, the Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously shot down a special exemption request that would have allowed the move to Murfreesboro Road.

“(Greyhound) is making progress and we’re letting them do their own search to satisfy themselves,” said Phil Ryan, executive director of the Metro Development and Housing Agency. “We want them to find the site they like best.”

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By: bfra on 3/5/10 at 4:11

karl and his hand picked "task force" didn't have enough common sense to realize, delays cost money. What do they care, it's only taxpayer's money!

By: idgaf on 3/5/10 at 6:58

Why don't they put it in the new bus station?

By: Kosh III on 3/5/10 at 8:13


The MTA terminal is already full, there is no room for Greyhound traffic, not to mention the need for offices, ticketing etc

But it should be near the MTA terminal for the convenience of the Greyhound travellers.

By: JohnGalt on 3/5/10 at 8:30

If the Greyhound terminal needs to be near the MTA terminal then the Metro Government should just pick a spot, condemn the parcel, tear it down and build a they've done with much of the convention center footprint.

By: localboy on 3/5/10 at 9:01

"Greyhound, which has operated its Nashville terminal at the corner of Eighth Avenue and Demonbreun Street since 1987" - where was it prior to 1987?

By: MusicCity615 on 3/5/10 at 9:04

Move the greyhound station NOW. Why are they allowed to "take their time to find the right spot"? They are delaying a very important project for Nashville.

By: Mower on 3/5/10 at 9:16

Right, it's the Greyhound station that was going to bring crime and violence to lovely, bucolic Murfressboro Road.

By: concernedtaxpayer on 3/5/10 at 9:16

Greyhound should move into one of the old car dealerships on Murfreesboro Rd. That was the plans earlier and there are two big dealership sights that would be big enough for office space. The old Chevrolet Dealership land (formerly Carl Black property) could be used or the old Dodge dealership property (formerly Music City Dodge). Both of these locations would be perfect to move into and would be very "green" since the buildings are already built.

By: nvestnbna on 3/5/10 at 5:29

The Greyhound station was on the corner of 6th and Commerce, about where the front door of the current convention center is. I'm pretty sure they moved to 8th Avenue prior to 1987. You used to be able to turn left on 6th and go all the way to the Capital.

By: breathofdeath on 3/5/10 at 10:02

Let me see, Greyhound had a site picked out along Murfreesboro Road for relocation, but the NIMBY's in the area were so afraid that Greyhound's presence would cause that fine, upstanding part of town to go to hell in a handbasket that they coerced the BZA to reject the land use proposal. Essentially Greyhound made a good-faith effort to move but got smacked down by a city board. If I were Greyhound I'd take my own sweet time relocating too!

By: ferrellg on 8/7/10 at 10:28

When I worked for Greyhound in 06 and they started talking about a new Convention Center I told them then that they (Greyhound) would have to move but they did not wan't to here any thing about it from a new employee. I worked in the construction trade for 20yrs before going to work for the dog, and anyone with a little common sence and a knowledge of Nashville could see that the only place for the new Convention Center was where they are building it.

By: fferderande on 10/6/10 at 6:04

all this are big names so hopefully the construction will be good Scissor Lift

By: PillowTalk4 on 10/19/10 at 2:12

Since when did a Greyhound station become an element for crime to businesses. Let's see... I'm going to take Greyhound to let's say Chattanooga, so, while I'm packing my luggage I make sure I leave enough room in my bags to stow away goods I'm going to steal from businesses near the bus terminal. Or, I'm going to make sure the person or cab that drops me off gets me there early enough so that I have time to go rob someone in a nearby parking lot then run back to the bus terminal and be on my way to Chattanooga. Oh, and when I return I'm going to plan another hit on the area to ensure that I get it going and coming. This sounds about as stupid as the people in Gwinnett County, GA who didn't want the Marta rail service expanded into their area because they feared "urban" people would use Marta to come into their area and break into their homes and steal their TV's. etc. I'm sure low life criminals of the ATL could walk from a home that they broke in with a 32" TV in hand back to Marta, get the TV onto Marta and walk back to where ever they live once back in their urban slum.

So, the last time I was in Nashville, (Labor Day Wknd), I noticed that Greyhound was located on Charlotte Pike in the old Dodge/Chrysler dealership. Is that just a temporary location? The bus station should be close to an intersate entrance and exit for sure. I don't know if that site is large enough to sustain a bus terminal long term, but the location is close to the interstate and it is still within the city core which is central for most bus travelers.