Greyhound to open new bus station Feb. 2

Monday, January 23, 2012 at 3:39pm
Staff reports

Greyhound Lines Inc. announced Monday that it’s new Nashville bus terminal at Fifth Avenue and Lafayette Street is set to begin operating next week.

The company is holding an open house Wednesday, Feb. 1, welcoming Mayor Karl Dean and others, before officially having its first day of business Thursday, Feb. 2, according to a Greyhound press release.

The new Nashville terminal is billed as the company’s third LEED-certified Greyhound prototype terminal to open in North America. The bus hub features several green components.

Since July 2010, Greyhound has operated its Nashville hub from a temporary location on Charlotte Avenue.

Previously, Nashville’s Greyhound hub was on Eighth Avenue. The company was forced to move to make way for the new Music City Center.

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By: Marymeet on 1/24/12 at 7:05

Why? It's in a great spot now. I certainly feel safer on that part of Charlotte than I would at 5th and Lafayette!

By: nvestnbna on 1/24/12 at 8:05

Why???? because your council person, and MDHA are determined to locate all the transient operations in the Lafayette area. Of course they also allow in the neighborhood of 40 violent registered sex offenders to locate in the same area. Enjoy your new bus station.

By: Left-of-Local on 1/24/12 at 9:17

Cue the conservative bashing of everything.

To answer the question (and improve upon the near-complete lack of journalistic research), Greyhound has operated maintenance out of the location they're "moving" to for a while, so it made sense to go with what they already own (or lease).

It is also dubious to state in the same breath that nothing positive is injected into SoBro, when the article mentions Music City Center, and other establishments like The Gulch, Cummins Station, and Cannery Row already anchor the area well.

By: nvestnbna on 1/24/12 at 9:27

Speaking of lack of research(or knowledge). The former trailways service center had been vacant for years.

Second, there was no commentary in either post about, or statements, regarding "nothing positive" being injected into SoBro. Certainly being located on the 'backside' of the new convention center is a major plus and visionary move by MDHA, etc.

By: Rocket99 on 1/24/12 at 2:37

They are moving there because they already own/lease the property.

I remember when they decided to move to the temporary location, people moaned and groaned about how the crime and traffic in the area would increase. I'm sure there's been minor traffic increase just from the buses and people coming and going. Has it had an inverse affect on the area? No. Also, not aware of any increase in crime.

They did not want to move from where they were forced but had no choice. The new facility is only blocks from where the old one was. Still easy interstate access for the buses and patrons that will use it. And, like stated above, very close to the new convention center.

Think some will gripe about anything just to do it.

By: nvestnbna on 1/24/12 at 4:43

The crime problems associated with the 8th Ave location, some would argue and I'd agree, were related to the proximity to the mission. I had an MDHA official brag to me that they were experiencing very few police calls at the new(temporary) location. It's surprising that they chose to move in a block up the street from the mission. The combination of transients at the bus station and mission, may present problems in the future, I hope not, but it'll be interesting to compare now that we have another location in which to do so.