Handicapping the nondiscrimination vote

Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 12:00am

The bill to update Metro’s nondiscrimination ordinance will be on second reading at the Aug. 18 Council meeting. Although competing legislation filed by Councilman Sam Coleman could ultimately change the minds of Council members on the fence, here is a best guess about where things stand heading into the essential second vote.

Coleman’s bill would explicitly state that Metro will not discriminate against any employee or those seeking employment for any non-merit-based reason.

Opinions turned in by Metro Council attorney Jon Cooper and Metro Director of Law Sue Cain said Coleman’s proposal falls short of offering protections to employees.

The proposed ordinance would allow Metro workers to file discrimination claims with the Metro Human Relations Commission, which could record and investigate the matter.

Predicted supporters (18):
Tim Garrett, Megan Barry, Ronnie Steine, Jerry Maynard, Lonnell Matthews Jr., Mike Jameson, Erik Cole, Darren Jernigan, Anna Page, Sandra Moore, Kristine LaLonde, Erica Gilmore, Buddy Baker, Emily Evans, Jason Holleman, Sean McGuire, Carter Todd, Bo Mitchell

Predicted opponents (13):
Walter Hunt, Michael Craddock, Jim Forkum, Rip Ryman, Jim Gotto, Carl Burch, Phil Claiborne, Eric Crafton, Randy Foster, Duane Dominy, Sam Coleman, Jim Hodge, Robert Duvall.

Undecided (9):
Charlie Tygard, Frank Harrison, Pam Murray, Karen Bennett, Bruce Stanley, Edith Langster, Greg Adkins, Vivian Wilhoite, Parker Toler.