Harpeth Valley Utility District to increase water service rates

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 3:51pm
Staff reports

Harpeth Valley Utilities District officials announced Tuesday most of its residential customers will see increases of up to $5 on their combined water and wastewater monthly bills beginning in March.

In a release, HVUD General Manager John Brown said rising costs of energy and chemicals were factors in the need for the increase, along with the added expense of dealing with the May flood.

"While we don't have control over energy or chemical costs, and certainly no control over the flood, I can say we are extremely proud of the way our entire community responded to the historic flooding we experienced,” Brown said.

HVUD last instituted a rate increase in 2010.

HVUD has 16,000 water customers and 13,000 wastewater customers. The regional provider of water and wastewater services has customers in portions of Davidson, Williamson and Cheatham counties. Most of its Davidson County customers live in Bellevue. 

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By: SirKnight on 2/3/11 at 8:56

If rates go up for the second time in two years, I'm taking my business elsewhere!!

By: JohnGalt on 2/3/11 at 10:59

That'll be quite a feat, Sir. HVUD is the only game in the area. Gonna dig a well and put in septic? Good luck on getting that approved.

Good times are on the way for HVUD with the extra $80,000 a month in income.