Haslam signs into law bill to combat meth production

Monday, June 6, 2011 at 1:48pm
Staff reports

Gov. Bill Haslam Monday signed into law a multi-faceted bill to help combat the increasing problem of methamphetamine manufacturing and use in Tennessee.  

Many of the key provisions of the law take effect July 1. The legislation aims to tackle Tennessee’s meth problem in a variety of ways, including increasing the penalty for making meth in the presence of children and tracking the sale of products containing pseudoephedrine, which is a key ingredient in making meth.

The bill makes pseudoephedrine sales information available promptly to law enforcement and makes it easier to prosecute those who purchase pseudoephedrine products at different times and places for the purpose of exceeding the allowable amount, or through use of false identification.

Law enforcement officials seized 2,082 meth labs in Tennessee in 2010, a record number.

Legislators, representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, local officials and law enforcement officials, among other key stakeholders from across the state, joined Haslam on the steps of the Greene County Courthouse in East Tennessee as he signed the bill into law.

“This bill helps us to confront Tennessee’s meth problem head on and is a comprehensive approach to addressing a serious problem in our state,” Haslam said in a release. The governor praised Bill Gibbon, the state’s Safety and Homeland Security commissioner, for his leadership on the issue.

Bill sponsors include Sen. Mae Beavers (R-Mt. Juliet), Sen. Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge), Rep. David Hawk (R-Greeneville) and Rep. Debra Maggart (R-Hendersonville).

During the event, Haslam also announced the availability of more than $1 million to assist in meth lab cleanup. 

11 Comments on this post:

By: pswindle on 6/6/11 at 5:37

Please, I don't want to hear the name of Beavers, Maggart or McNally on any bill. What a bunch of glory-seekers!

By: Radix on 6/7/11 at 6:56

Pswindle you just proved you are all about politics. You just can't handle it when some Conservatives pass a good law, can you?

By: HighlyAnnoyed on 6/7/11 at 7:20

The two-faced republicans prove they are not really about smaller government. They treat people that simple want to buy Sudafed for allergy relief like we are criminals. This is Big Brother at work. And, the "smaller goverment" Republicans are behind it.

By: Radix on 6/7/11 at 7:46

Highly Annoyed, you're joking right? Yeah those anti-drug laws are such a violation of our privacy.

By: localboy on 6/7/11 at 7:47

Meth labs - where rednecks and chemistry meet.

By: AmyLiorate on 6/7/11 at 11:06

lol localboy!

Why is Haslam signing a bill that harms business and jobs in meth production?!

(just kidding folks)

By: SirKnight on 6/7/11 at 12:20

There's a HUGE difference in the type of big government that is harmful to our country and is aimed at controlling every facet of our American lives and creating stricter laws to combat an obvious out-of-control 'cancer' the meth industry is to our state.

Surely, you are not in favor of loosening or eliminating laws that fight the production and sale of illegal and harmful drugs of the worst kind that also impact the amount of crimes of violence and theft???

By: Gary Lampman on 6/7/11 at 7:57

Oh wow in the company of Children results in tougher Laws? Oh Please do tell how we protect the children and stomp all over your civil Liberties in the never ending turning of a screw to target a small Group ofr meth makers..

The strange part is Tennessee is the Only State that Has taken Primative actions that gauges people as criminals whom seek allergy relief and strides to engage in a police action on its citizenry. Luckly, for the criminals; the surrounding States are not imposing the same restrictions as Our Lawmakers believe should be imposed on Tennessee Residents.
Well, What should we expect from a Legislature that passed the only road kill Law in the Nation!.

By: HighlyAnnoyed on 6/8/11 at 9:01

It amazes me reading these comment. Of course this is an invasion of your privacy. The government is tracking your purchases of a drug that is used for a legimate reason. This is one of the worst areas for allergies in the country. And, I have to show a driver's license and get put in a database just to buy the best allergy medicine that I can get over the counter. If you don't see the invasion of privacy in that, then we as a country have already lost our freedoms because "the sheep" have forgot what freedom means. So very disappointing. BTW, "The War on Drugs" is a complete failure and is really just a war on the privacy and civil liberties of the citizens of the US.

By: Radix on 6/8/11 at 10:13

Highly Annoyed, if you think that's bad, wait till the Progressive-Socialists take over. Try China or Venezuela on for size. Personally, I could care less if the government keeps me on a list for buying allergy meds. Sorry, but the need outweighs your conspiracy theories.

Maybe we should make Pseudo-ephedrine prescription then, like pain killers. Would that be better?

By: gdiafante on 6/8/11 at 1:13

"...wait till the Progressive-Socialists take over..."

Like that will ever happen in this bass ackwards state...lol