Henry hangs onto Senate seat for an 11th term

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 9:33pm

State Sen. Douglas Henry will keep the seat he’s had since the early 1970s, besting his Republican challenger, physician Steve Dickerson, for the Senate's District 21 seat.

Dickerson conceded in a phone call to Henry Tuesday night as returns showed the incumbent leading by 10 percent of the vote with little more than half of precincts reporting.

“The state of Tennessee is composed of many kinds of people. A good legislator must recognize that and apply himself accordingly,” Henry said. “Dr. Dickerson is a fine gentleman and is to be congratulated for taking a hand in public affairs.”

Henry led the unofficial early voting totals 12,351 to Dickerson’s 10,778.

Dickerson, an anaesthesiologist, resigned from his post on the state Board of Medical Laboratories — where he was appointed by Gov. Phil Bredesen — to run for the Senate seat.

Henry, 84, narrowly edged his Democratic primary challenger, attorney Jeff Yarbro, following a recount fiasco that took days to unravel.

The Democrat served last year as vice chair of the Finance, Ways and Means Committee, as well as on the Rules Committee, Joint Fiscal Review Committee, and the General Welfare, Health and Human Resources Committee.

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By: localboy on 11/3/10 at 8:04

Sen. Henry has served his district well; however, it's not healthy for the system for someone to hang on and on and on...and not know when to hang it up.

By: budlight on 11/3/10 at 8:12

right on, local boy.

By: lawyer006038 on 11/3/10 at 11:35

Senator Henry is not a hanger on. He has full control of his intellect and is quite perceptive. He votes his conscience not the party line. That explains his re-election for many years by a majority of Republicans. He is loyal to the Democratic party and voters like that. Loyalty, how often do you hear that word.

I am troubled by a mindset that all people over 70 or 80 are senile. I am only 59 but the perception is there at my age somewhat.

I talked with the Senator recently about a current issue, whether the lawyer and judicial process should be opened to the public. Despite my belief that he was of the opposite belief on the issue he was respectful of my opinion. Senator Henry is pro-life while I am pro-choice. I respect that he is Roman Catholic and that is a tenet of his faith. I do not want to prevent the Catholic church from building a church in my neighborhood. (37212)

Senator is the last of the Southern gentlemen. He can disagree without being disagreeable. He follows his conscience and has something seldom seen anymore in politics, honesty. I appreciate the Senator's service and we will be a lesser state when he is gone. God bless all people.

By: judyboodo@yahoo.com on 11/3/10 at 1:06

Competence and constituency service, these are the only two traits that we need in an elected servant. Sen. Henry went beyond what he needed to do when I asked for help with a problem I had with the State. I could have asked for nothing more from my elected representative. I am proud that I voted for him!

By: localboy on 11/4/10 at 9:52

Good points all; however, incumbents that serve term after term become effectively entrenched and difficult to challenge. While a limit of two, three or four consecutive terms might produce less continuity and increases the chances of poor representation rather than the record compiled by Sen. Henry, it also increases the pool of participants and their supporters and right now the country needs as many people involved as possible.