Hillsboro Village gets new building

Thursday, January 11, 2001 at 1:00am

Hillsboro Village will soon see another building added to the mix of historic and more recent architecture that lines 21st Avenue. Groundbreaking came less than a month after Village business owners and residents got the news that the Educators Credit Union building at 21st Avenue and Blakemore would get a $4.1 million facelift.

Tee Zerfoss, a partner with Martin and Zerfoss Insurance, says the company is building a new facility at 1909 21st Ave. S. The building is the first new construction to fall under the Hillsboro Village Design Guidelines, adopted by the Metro Planning Commission in May 1999. The new building is scheduled for occupancy sometime around July of 2001.

In order to meet the new guidelines, architect Bob Oglesby has produced a design that utilizes the lower floor as a parking garage. Customers will either enter from the alley and park underneath the building, or if they enter from the front, will walk upstairs to the offices.

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