Hollin bests Murray in unofficial recall returns

Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 8:18pm

In a hotly contested special election, challenger Jamie Hollin appears to have narrowly defeated District 5 Councilwoman Pam Murray, becoming the first person to oust a sitting Metro Council member through a recall vote. 

By a margin of 542 to 539 Hollin bested Murray, according to unofficial numbers from the Davidson County Election Commission. Results are to be certified Monday. 

There are said to be three or four provisional ballots still to be counted Friday. If the final results end in a tie then the 40-member Metro Council would decide the outcome.  

“You only need one vote to win it,” Hollin said of his apparent victory. “Think about all the tactics she employed; said I was a drug addict; said I hung out with drug dealers. They put out a full-force effort, everything they had, and came up short.

“No matter what happens, this made history and will go down in the record books for the city of Nashville,” Hollin said. “Is it ever going to happen again? I’d never say never, but it’s highly unlikely.”

Murray, the district’s representative since 2003, said she was unsure when asked about requesting a recount or pursuing legal action. 

“All I know is this whole thing has been a conspiracy since day one,” Murray said. 

Thursday’s election came after the 35-year-old Hollin amassed more than 1,200 signatures to recall a lawmaker he characterized as unresponsive to constituents. 

Murray, 50, first came under fire by Hollin and other residents during a rezoning battle in which opponents claimed she failed to support nearby residents. Later, reports surfaced that Murray spent considerable time working in Detroit, Mich.

“You don’t sue me,” Hollin said of a possible legal battle. “When they certify the results they’ll be swearing us in. We have a Council meeting next Tuesday. We have a lot of work to do.” 

East Nashville’s District 5 includes the neighborhoods of Cleveland Park, McFerrin Park and Maxwell Heights.

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By: idgaf on 11/12/09 at 9:58

Really to close for comfort.

By: eastnashville37207 on 11/13/09 at 3:06

This election being this close proves that the votes where made more on the race issue. District 5 is a tough place, most residents have disliked Murray for years but when it comes to the black/white even knowing Murray has done nothing for them will still vote race over issues or what's right.

When Murray was running years ago she went into the project and to get the votes promised eveyone everything. Needless to say she never followed through which angered many in the black neighborhoods. They also vote out of fear, fear of what Murray will do to them if they do not vote for her.

I hope Hollin holds the lead for all the people in that District. It will take years for these neighborhoods to turn around and years to eliminate the fears and threats made by Murray,

As far as Hollin being accused of drugs. Murray has deep seeded Drug Roots right in her immediate family. Her brother has strolled the streets for years and is well know for his drug abuse not to mention all the other shady characters she associates with.

Good luck Hollin, you will need it and good by to Pam Murray for ever we hope.

By: EN05 on 11/13/09 at 7:04

Hollin had a lot of guts to challenge Murray, knowing what she's capable of. And she didn't disappoint. But this isn't a black/white thing: Hollin had plenty of support from many black residents of the district who were fed up with Pam's representation. He's going to be a great advocate for McFerrin Park, Cleveland Park, and Maxwell Heights. I expect the days when the city turns a blind eye to the open-air drug dealing and the squalidness of lower Dickerson Pike and Main Street are over.

By: BigPapa on 11/13/09 at 8:09

Another positive step for East Nashville. Slowly but surely we'll push aside people like Murray.

By: msmeridian on 11/13/09 at 8:18

I was greatly surprised of the low turn out on both sides, It is still not time to let out a sigh of relief

By: karman37206 on 11/13/09 at 10:25

Where were the voters!!?? What happened to the 1200 voters' signatures that Hollin so "easily" obtained when he was out trying to force a recall election?

At least when Hollin joins the other members on the council floor , the growing gay population on the east side will finally be represented...up until now there has been only superficial support.

By: d4deli on 11/13/09 at 12:01

What happened to the 1200+ plus who signed to get the recall election in the first place. Less than half of them voted? It wouldn't be a close election at all if those same folks had actually voted. Interesting.....

By: sidneyames on 11/14/09 at 6:49

Yeah d4deli. They screamed loudest, so they should have showed up at the polls. That's American for ya. Gotta love it!