Homeless man charged in connection with Feb. 29 murder

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 at 7:23pm
Staff reports
0314 Eric Linnell mug.jpg
Eric Linnell

Detectives charged Eric R. Linnell with criminal homicide Wednesday stemming from the Feb. 29 murder of Hugh Hunt at a homeless camp near an exit ramp at Harding Place and Interstate 65.

Linnell, who police believe is a transient, was identified on March 2 as the man last seen with Hunt, 55, prior to his murder. Linnell, 27, was arrested two days later on a trespassing charge and held in jail since.

According to Metro police, DNA evidence collected from the crime scene was analyzed by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and has linked Linnell to the murder.

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By: yucchhii on 3/15/12 at 10:57

yucchhii This is what's wrong with the media...while they say this man is homeless, the rest of the general public that reads this will automatically think ALL homeless are dangerous. That is the FURTHEST thing from the truth! Majority of your homeless are NOT bad people at all, MOST are respecting and TRYING to get back on their feet NOT trying to go to jail. Homeless are just like those who have homes...some are smart and some STUPID and yes, some ARE BUMS like those who hung out at legislative plaza claiming to be part of the OCCUPY protestors when they were NOT. They were a bunch of BUMS that were using the occupy protestors for a place to camp and to get free food and cause trouble overshadowing the efforts of the occupy protestors making them look bad to the public. These bums couldn't run a vacume cleaner, never mind a mass protest!!! If this guy did kill another person, he deserves what punishment he gets!!!