How many Nashville area schools paddle students?

Monday, March 15, 2010 at 12:45am

Tennessee schools and corporal punishment: Who does and doesn’t

Metro Nashville Public Schools and affiliated charters do not allow corporal punishment, nor does Williamson County. However, public school districts in Cannon, Cheatham, Dickson, Lebanon Special School District, Macon, Robertson, Smith, Sumner, and Wilson counties do. Others allow corporal punishment with caveats: Hickman allows it only in elementary and middle schools. Rutherford allows it, but parent must sign a permission slip. Trousdale also allows it, but a parent must give verbal consent over the phone each time.

The Nashville Diocese does not allow any of its schools to administer corporal punishment.


Akiva School: Did not respond to inquiry

Battle Ground Academy: Does not allow

Currey Ingram:
Does not allow

East Academy: Does not allow

Ensworth School: Does not allow

Harding Academy: Does not allow

Harpeth Hall: Does not allow

Montgomery Bell Academy: Does not allow

Sumner Academy: Does not allow

University School of Nashville: Does not allow

Webb School: Does not allow

Willow Hall Academy:
Does not allow


Christ Presbyterian: Does not allow

Covenant School: Did not respond to inquiry

Oak Hill School: Does not allow


Brentwood Academy: Does not allow

Radnor Baptist Academy: Did not respond to inquiry

St. Paul Christian Academy: Does not allow

(Evangelical Christian)

Davidson Christian:

Donelson Christian: Allows

Christian Community Schools: Allows

Mt. Juliet Christian: Does not allow


Columbia Academy: Allows

David Lipscomb Campus School: Recent student handbooks have explicitly outlined a policy allowing corporal punishment. The 2009-2010 handbook does not.

Ezell Harding Christian School: Does not allow

Friendship Christian School: Allows

Goodpasture: Allows

Middle Tennessee Christian: Allows

Nashville Christian: Allows

Whitehouse Christian Academy: No policy forbidding it, but it does not use corporal punishment.


Bull Rice Christian Academy: Does not allow

Franklin Road Christian School: Does not allow

Hendersonville Christian Academy: Does not allow

Jonathan Edwards Classical Academy: Allows

Lighthouse Christian School: Allows

Metro Christian Academy: Does not allow

Pleasant View Christian School: Has a corporal punishment policy but does not practice it

South Haven Christian School: Did not respond to inquiry

Spring Hill Academy: Allows

United Christian Academy: Does not allow

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By: wasaw on 3/15/10 at 7:23

I would only be concerned about corporal punishment if my child was a discipline problem and was attending a private school. No one has a RIGHT to a private school educcation. Hey, that could be the lib's next move, and could be tied to Obama's Healthcare Bill.

I received corporal punishment as I was growing up and I keep checking myself to see what detriment it had on me. I probably didn't get eneough. Buy hey, in looking back, I don't remember students bringing guns and drugs to school. I don't remember having gang issues. I don't recall Illegitimate babies. But private schools don't any these issues either. So does corporal punishment have anything to do with the problems that public schools are experiencing? You bet they do!

By: localboy on 3/15/10 at 8:06

What kind of communistic rant is this? There were guns and drugs in the parking lots 30 years ago, just maybe not in the Hitler Youth club meetings...

By: Lipsmom on 3/15/10 at 8:26

This is being blown out of order there was another child on the same day that took his punishment and went about his bussiness. Now this child has been a problem at the school for Years he has used stink bombs, pulled fire alarms, rude, Never follow the rulse of the school. check the times he has been in trouble and put out of school. He has drug issues, IS his back hurt due to the car accidents he has had over the past year say three or four my daughter has stated. He has been mean to her many of times and just not the type of child you want your children around. I fell the ruls are fair. I think the mom is protecting him over the point and he need to take responsibilty for his actions and she is not allowing this to happen. I am sure their must have been a witness another teacher in the room when the punishment was given why did they not respond if it was over the edge. If you go after one you go after them all. I know this child has many of excusess from the mom all the time due to her being devorice , but the father is in town and he dose nothing to help with the correction of this childs behavior. Drop the suit. Mr. McAdams be fair to all which he was not when my son oplayed who did play most of every game but I watched what he did to others that was very unfair.

A lot of things a Lipscomb have gone on over the past six years that my children have been at the high school. A lot of DRUGS in the locker rooms but because of the players and the parents money and involvments it is over looked. the drinking on the grounds. This is from the children of a lot of Alumni money at the school so nothing is being said. Ther have been students who had Rape list and still at the school with out punishment. what about the teachers son who is still there after bringing a knife to school. I just ask that you be fair I have two more years whit my last child and I am praying they go fast!

By: Lipsmom on 3/15/10 at 12:11

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child.
enough said He was not getting this at home as many are not so he got it at school. How many other things is he also getting at school that he must not be getting at home. This child is way out of control.

By: Cookie47 on 3/17/10 at 11:24

I got the same thing this kid got for doing the exact same thing when I was in high school. The three licks, as they were called back then, left bruises on my butt and thighs. My brother saw them and asked if I was going to show our parents. I told him no and neither was he. I knew if my dad found out about me getting licks at school, I'd get even more from him.

Maybe if kids were getting the necessary punishment at home, they wouldn't be such a pain to deal with at school.

I know there are a bunch of bleeding-heart liberals out there that will say it's better to hug a bad kid rather than spank them and you can do that. Your kids won't be worth a crap to society but, go ahead, do that.

Here's a novel idea. Hug them after you spank them and tell them they suffered the consequences of their own actions and you still love them. It worked with mine and they're both well-adjusted adults now.

Lipsmom has it right. Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child. Even at school.