Human Relations Commission director quits

Monday, May 10, 2010 at 3:11pm

Kelvin Jones, director of the Metro Human Relations Commission for the past six years, sent his letter of resignation to the commission’s board late last week. His departure is effective June 30.

“Serving as executive director of the Metro Human Relations Commission for the past six years has been an honor and a privilege,” Jones wrote. “Together, we have fulfilled the commission’s historic mission of providing community-wide education to reduce discrimination in employment and housing.”

According to the commission’s board chair Scott Ridgway, the search to replace Jones will begin in the next week.

“We want it to be a national search to bring in the most qualified candidate to replace Kelvin,” Ridgway said.

Jones’ performance as director had been under review by the commission’s 13-member board. In recent years, several Metro council members, among others, had been critical of his work.

In 2008, Jones launched a bid to fill the seat left vacant by Public Defender Ross Alderman, who died in a motorcycle accident. In a special appointment by the Metro Council, Jones lost out to current public defender Dawn Deaner.

After his resignation becomes official, Jones is expected to return his previous career in law.

Created by a Metro ordinance in 1965, the human relations commissions seeks “to protect and promote the personal dignity of all people by protecting and promoting their safety, health, security, peace and general welfare.”

The commission’s motto is “One City All People.”



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By: on 5/11/10 at 7:42

Mr. Jones has done many good things in his job at the Human Relations Commission. That is an important organization to Nashville. Thank you for your work, Mr. Jones and others who have worked there.

By: PeoplesAdvocate on 5/11/10 at 8:48

Good for you Mr. Jones; I hope you run for Mayor!

By: nashville4life on 5/11/10 at 12:35

Kelvin Jones is a great volunteer who makes Nashville a better place. I also hope that he runs for Mayor. Kelvin Jones for Mayor!!!!