I-440 wreck claims teenager's life, injuries two other people

Monday, October 1, 2012 at 5:29pm

Police have identified the teenage driver killed Monday morning in a two-vehicle wreck on Interstate 440 near Nolensville Pike as William Garton, of Westboro Drive.

Garton, 18, was driving westbound on I-440 around 11 a.m. when he apparently lost control of his BMW car, sending it over the center median into the opposite lanes of traffic on I-440, according to police.

A van driven by 23-year-old Tremayne Wade then struck Garton’s car on the driver’s side.

Garton died at the scene, while 18-year-old Carlos Gomez, a passenger in Garton’s car, was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in critical condition.

Wade sustained non-life threatening injuries and was also transported to Vanderbilt.

According to police, there was no evidence of drug or alcohol involvement at the scene.

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By: adchick on 10/1/12 at 6:20

Is this the same William Garton?

By: PKVol on 10/2/12 at 7:58

If it is the same Garton, we should all be glad he won't be a menace to society anymore. If it is a different Garton, sympathy to his family and friends, although the accident was probably preventable.

By: glancaster on 10/2/12 at 9:45

PKVol - What a horrible thing to say. If it is the same person, he has the same family and friends and you are basically telling them that it is good he is gone. And why did you stop there? Why didn't you say something about the passenger that is in critical care at Vanderbilt? And how do you know it wasn't preventable? It's people like you and your thinking that is making our world today so screwed up!

By: Jbaby61 on 10/2/12 at 1:20

I agree with you glancaster... - that was a horrible thing to say PKVol... so the young man had some emotional issues his family still loved him he had a mother and a father. ..Do you have children have they ever done anything hurtful or harmful would you want someone to wish them to be hurt or maimed or worse. Maybe you should think your answers through before you post them for the public to see.

Do good for others; and good will come to you.

By: tdg74 on 10/3/12 at 10:17

To the person who goes by PKVol. How could you say the thing that you said. It does not matter if this is the same one or not how could you say that "we should all be glad he won't be a menace to society anymore" Even if this is the same one or not you have no right to say things like that. This family just lost their loved one. They are in pain. Have you not heard that the only person that can judge us is god. What gives you the right to judge this person.?No matter what this person has done, you need to hace a little more respect for the family and friends that he left behind. You need to look at it this way, What if it was one of your loved ones and someone said these things about them? I don't think you would like it one bit. You need to tell his family and friends that you are sorry. Because if you don't I hear karma is a bitch. And it will come back to get you. So I will say this You are the lowest of low and at the bottom of the trash pile.

By: stonie on 11/11/12 at 6:42

pkvol, this is williams father. youre a piece of shit and if i knew who you was id rip your ****ing head off

By: mishoo11 on 2/11/13 at 9:58

So what about the Garton?
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