Incumbent criminal court clerk easily fends off Craddock

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 11:40pm

Earning an overwhelming two-thirds of the vote, Criminal Court Clerk David Torrence easily staved off his challenger, Metro Councilman Michael Craddock, in the seat’s Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Out of the 16,497 Davidson County residents who voted in the criminal court clerk Democratic primary, Torrence raked in 10,852 votes (66 percent,) with the Madison area councilman receiving 4,988 (34 percent.)

The victory hands Torrence, who has held the position for 16 years, his fifth term at the seat. Unlike the juvenile court clerk race, Torrence is facing no Republican opposition.

Leading up to the election, Craddock tried to paint Torrence as a clerk who spent more time out of the office than at work. Craddock even asked that Torrence show his “swipe records” to show how frequently or infrequently he enters and exits his office.

Torrence took his crushing victory as a sign that Craddock’s aggressive strategy didn’t work.

“My opponent decided that he would run an extremely negative campaign, attacking me personally, attacking my character, and that obviously did not resonate with the voters by the fact of my margin of victory,” Torrence said.

“Moreover, in my opinion, my opponent never established any credibility with the voters,” he said. “The voters understood that with his total lack of experience, he wasn’t qualified to be the criminal court clerk of Davidson County.”