Jameson gets SEIU endorsement in bid for open judgeship

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 7:04pm

Mike Jameson, the former East Nashville Metro councilman, has picked up the endorsement of the Service Employees International Union Local 205 in his bid to be appointed Davidson County General Sessions judge.

“To me, the Service Employees International Union represents the little guy –– the very type of person I would hope to serve on the bench,” Jameson said. “So I'm thrilled and honored by their endorsement.”

SEIU Local 205 represents Metro workers. Jameson and nine others are vying for the General Sessions judgeship that opened following the death of Judge Leon Ruben last month. The Metro Council is set to pick a replacement Nov. 15.

“During two terms on the council, Mike has served with fairness, respect, and empathy for the needs of his constituency, including our members,” Doug Collier, president of the SEIU Local 205 wrote in a letter to council members Tuesday.

“While not every council member agrees on every issue, it was Mike’s demeanor during difficult debates that most impressed us,” he continued. “He was thoughtful, fair, and always respectful of others’ opinions. Those are the qualities our members value in a judge.”

Jameson served East Nashville’s District 6 from 2003 through 2011. He is an attorney at North, Pursell, Ramos & Jameson, PLC. In 2008, Jameson sought an open Davidson County Circuit Court judgeship, but then-Gov. Phil Bredesen appointed Nashville attorney Joe P. Binkley Jr. instead.

“General Sessions courts are often the only exposure to the court system that the public has,” Collier wrote. “Therefore, it is important that their experience be one of being judged fairly, honestly, and respectfully. Mike has clearly demonstrated that ability.”

Other attorneys who have applied for the General Sessions judgeship are: Rachel Bell; John “Jack” P. Brown III; Tremecca Doss; Blake Freeman; Larry Hoover; Lynda Jones; Andrei Lee; Rosemary Sexton; and Paul Walwyn.

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By: Nitzche on 11/2/11 at 9:12

That is like being endorsed by the occupy people!!! Long live jimmy Hoffa

By: govskeptic on 11/3/11 at 4:46

This story provides two or more paragraphs where glowing statements
are quoted yet one can't tell who that statement is attributed too unless
it's the story author himself. I find both Union and sometimes other
endorsements troubling for a good reason. Conversations or promises
are made by the candidate to the endorser before that decision is reached.

Local 205 has many issues that come up that are helpful to their
members that are in the opposite interest of Metro taxpayers!.

By: oldhickorytony on 11/3/11 at 5:48

I'm liking Jameson for this judgeship better, and better, and better... and Govskeptic being "troubled" by this union endorsement? Priceless!!! Jameson's best endorsement, yet!

By: i.am.a.taxpayer on 11/3/11 at 6:51

Jameson is a good guy and would be a good judge.

By: Radix on 11/3/11 at 7:20

Taxpayer what a sad commentary. A judge should not be "pro-" anything. It sounds like you want him to be an activist in his decisions, and a union endorsement implies that they also expect that. Sad times. Unions are slowly bringing us down.

By: Radix on 11/3/11 at 7:21

Sorry that was directed at Tony, not taxpayer.

By: kittykat1960 on 11/3/11 at 9:06

I have known Mike, both professionally and as a personal friend, for over ten years. He is fair, honest, and not beholden to special interests as some posts would imply. If you carefully read the quote from Doug Collier, one learns that Mike is calm, thoughtful, and honest in his deliberations whether or not he agrees with you; Mr. Collier is not the first person to make this observation. I can personally attest to that--we are usually on opposite sides in our politics and have some spirited debates, but it is always in a spirit of intellectual honesty. Davidson County will be well served by having Mike Jameson on the bench, and I say that as person who has other friends vying for the appointment.

"A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government."
Thomas Jefferson

By: Captain Nemo on 11/3/11 at 12:22

By: oldhickorytony on 11/3/11 at 6:48
I'm liking Jameson for this judgeship better, and better, and better... and Govskeptic being "troubled" by this union endorsement? Priceless!!! Jameson's best endorsement, yet!

Good observation there tony and yes Jameson will make a good judge.

By: GUARDIAN on 11/3/11 at 7:14

GUARDIAN- If SEIU is for them I am against them. If SEIU backs a candidate he or she will always be back for America.

By: Radix on 11/4/11 at 2:47


Great post but maybe Mr Jameson should decline the endorsement then. I could not disagree more with what the SEIU stands for, and the whole idea of endorsing a judge is unsettling anyway. Judges aren't politicians, they are interpreters. For a powerful special interest group to endorse someone whose job is to interpret the law (not make it, which was Jameson's last job) suggests that they expect he will interpret it in a way that is favorable to them. Therefore, no sale.

Some unions really protect workers, but many unions are bad for us. They confiscate $80 Billion annually right out of the paychecks of workers, pocket a lot of it, and give huge amounts to politicians in exchange for favors. (About 92% of that goes to Democrats regardless of the workers' preferences). All while burdening businesses which forces prices up, and jobs overseas. Want $800 iPhones? Make them in the US.

So yes, an SEIU endorsement is a huge red flag.

By: smiless on 11/9/11 at 12:31

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