Judge considers whether to grant Mendenhall a new trial

Friday, April 23, 2010 at 2:11pm

A judge is considering whether Bruce Mendenhall should be granted a new trial after he was found guilty on three counts of solicitation of first-degree murder in January.

Judge Steve Dozier heard testimony Friday from Metro detectives Lee Freeman and Pat Postiglione regarding their procedures during Mendenhall’s arrest, particularly relating to his drivers license and a time span when it’s unclear who was in possession of it from the time it left the arrest scene until it showed up on Freeman’s desk. 

The Davidson County Public Defender’s Office filed a motion March 29 alleging court errors in Mendenhall’s case and claiming some of Mendenhall’s statements to police were obtained in violation of his constitutional rights.

Mendenhall is also set to go on trial next month for the June 2007 murder of Sara Nicole Hulbert. In that case, the defense moved to exclude statements made during a recorded prison phone call.

Mendenhall’s defense team, led by public defender Dawn Deaner, inquired about gaining access to the murder weapon for possible testing by its own weapons expert.

Dozier took the motions under advisement and asked that both sides be back in court Tuesday afternoon. 

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By: TharonChandler on 4/26/10 at 11:19

About this article: "Mendenhall" was once a very good name in Memphis, TN, and in the best part of it. They keep tabs on which are the better parts of town, in Memphis; in a state where others or the rural towns might have only the 'right and wrong side of the tracks', so to speak. While some towns like in the 'hill farms' of middle TN would not be so stratified the people of Memphis must always keep an eye toward 'class' and cooth with regard to any relationship and thus I do 'Forgive' the Chandler's of Memphis for being arrogant slave drivers in a generation before I was trying to teach high school in Memphis (trying to do it just long enough to get a payback on my investment into Education), to no avail.

East and South and West of there it was Jackson killing 'Indians' but that Memphis delta was some slave territory and they won't let a white man with a similar name forget it.

Peace, Love, and my Apology for any misunderstanding.