Judge rules decommissioned officer must remain in jail

Monday, June 20, 2011 at 7:10pm

A federal judge on Monday ruled a decommissioned Metro police officer indicted on federal charges last week must remain in jail pending his trial.

Following a detention hearing Monday, U.S. Magistrate Judge John S. Bryant ordered 31-year-old Richard Wilson detained pending his trial based on the nature of the charges against him — that he allegedly used his position as a police officer to transport what he believed to be a large amount of cocaine, all while armed.

Bryant also ordered codefendant Michael Wray, 31, of Murfreesboro, to remain in custody as well. Bryant granted the conditional release of a third codefendant, 32-year-old Adam Yates, on a $25,000 collateral bond.

FBI agents arrested the three men last week after a several-month-long undercover investigation that began with Metro police. The police department asked the FBI for help because the alleged crimes involved one of its own officers.

A federal grand jury indictment alleges that between April 5 and June 15 Wilson allegedly offered to help persons he believed to be drug traffickers transport what he believed to be cocaine and money he believed to be from drug proceeds. The indictment states that Wilson received $24,500 cash for helping the presumed drug traffickers.

According to the indictment, Wilson was in uniform and drove a police vehicle while allegedly transporting the money and purported drugs. Wilson also faces a money laundering charge in connection with one of the transactions.

The indictment also charged Wray with attempting to distribute cocaine and money laundering, and charged Yates with attempting to distribute cocaine.

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By: slzy on 6/20/11 at 6:24

hopefully they have a treadmill or spinning class there.

By: richgoose on 6/22/11 at 7:23

Why is it that so many worthless people apply to be policemen?