Judge upholds petition for District 5 recall election

Monday, September 28, 2009 at 5:34pm

Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle rejected on Monday afternoon a request by Councilwoman Pam Murray to enjoin the special recall election for her District 5 seat.

Hobbs Lyle heard arguments from attorneys for District 5 Councilwoman Pam Murray, who wanted to stop the recall election, and from Metro government, which believes voters should have their say at the ballot.

The special recall election will be held Nov. 12.

The crux of Murray’s argument wa that the notice to recall filed with the Metro Clerk was different than the petition postcards signed by many of the District 5 residents last month. The substantive difference was seven additional words on the postcards, “… while living and working in Detroit, Michigan.”

The original petition listed Murray’s alleged dereliction of duties as a reason for the recall, but did not mention her residency.

Earlier this year a report by NewsChannel 5 showed that Murray lives a majority of the time in Detroit, where she works as a social worker at a methadone clinic.

That report led to an ethics complaint being filed with the State Ethics Commission, because Murray listed herself as self-employed on her 2008 and 2009 disclosure forms.

Following today’s hearing, Murray said she had no comment.

5 Comments on this post:

By: CP102 on 9/28/09 at 7:13

way to go Pam! Why don't you just resign and save everyone a lot of trouble.

By: idgaf on 9/29/09 at 2:20

And money.

You played the game and got caught. The decent thing to do is resign. Run again if you think you can get elected but don't waste anymore of the taxpayers money.

By: eastnashville37207 on 9/29/09 at 3:16

Excellent! Go far far away Murray, don't run again as you are not wanted.

By: trtay2004 on 9/29/09 at 7:10

The rest of us in the neighborhood better stick together good. Remember, this is the same regime that alledgedly harrassed a lot of people the last election that had her opponents signs in their yard. Well, I've already got my sign in the yard and I encourage everyone to do the same. She needs to be overwhelmingly shown that not only do we not want her to represent us, but we don't even want her here anymore.

By: Alphadog7 on 9/29/09 at 8:37

You know, I might feel sorry for her if she just moved on, but why is she fighting this when its so clear that she was breaking the rules and the public is mostly against her continuing as Councilwoman? She needs to finally do the right thing and seek new, more ethical opportunities elsewhere. She would gain some respect if she did the right thing and stepped aside.