Jury won't reopen McNair murder investigation

Friday, June 18, 2010 at 1:43pm

A grand jury won’t reopen the investigation into former Titans quarterback Steve McNair’s death following Vincent Hill’s request that it do so.

Hill received a letter Thursday stating that the Davidson County grand jury has decided against another look in the high-profile case that police ruled a murder-suicide with Sahel Kazemi shooting McNair then herself.

Hill went before grand jury members last Friday to present more information besides what he provided in his more than 30-page request filed on June 1.

Hill said his request included text messages between McNair and Kazemi that shows Kazemi didn’t actually plan to see Steve or be around his apartment the night he was murdered.

“You don’t go from not planning on seeing someone to four hours later shooting him four times with a gun that you supposedly bought from a guy that was supposedly a perfect stranger when there’s already a gun at the scene,” Hill said.

He also said that Adrian Gilliam Jr., the man who police said sold Kazemi the murder weapon wasn’t a “perfect stranger” to Kazemi and hundreds of phone calls and text messages leading up to the murder prove that.

The final report for the April through June term of the grand jury released Friday stated, “Mr. Hill wanted to present this information, though he declined to ask for an indictment. He shared with the committee [of jury foreman Richard Hillenbrand and two other jurors] his views of the case but lacked evidence to support his views.”

The report went on to state that questions raised by Hill’s request were answered by the police department’s investigation.

Following Hill’s request, police spokesman Don Aaron said the department stands by its investigation.

He is the author of Playbook to a Murder, a book about the high-profile death of the former Tennessee Titans quarterback on July 4, 2009.

The website for the book suggests that Gilliam may have been the one who shot McNair, asserting that an argument may have broken out between McNair and Gilliam at the Lea Avenue condo where McNair and Kazemi’s bodies were found.

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By: NewYorker1 on 6/18/10 at 3:02

Steve is taking a dirt nap, because of his cheating. Why do they need to reopen the case?

By: PromosFriend on 6/19/10 at 11:20

Hill got exactly what he wanted and that didn't neccessarily include a re-opening of the case. What Hill got was publicity. His book may or may not be well written or well reasoned, but I'll bet that the curious and those dedicated to conspiracies will swell his numbers of books sold. It didn't matter what the grand jury did, the results will be the same for Hill.