Kats prepare for haunting from Phantoms

Monday, July 30, 2001 at 1:00am

The Toronto Phantoms are coming to Nashville prepared to put a scare in the Kats.

The Phantoms, the Eastern Division champions, moved into Friday night's quarterfinals game at 7 at the Gaylord Entertainment Center with the Southern Division champion Kats by way of a 64-57 home victory over the high-powered New York Dragons. The Kats, 10-4, had a first round bye. The Phantoms are an expansion team, but Kats coach Pat Sperduto isn't downplaying their talent. The Phantoms have won six straight games.

"Every team in the playoffs deserves to be in it," Sperduto said. "I would be shocked at anybody forfeiting right now. They are going to show up and be ready for us."

The Kats didn't play Toronto during the regular season. Sperduto has seen two game films of the Phantoms, but in both videos he was concentrating on the opponents - the Florida Bobcats and the New Jersey Gladiators.

"I watched their game on television and that probably was only the second time I've really watched them," Sperduto said. "They look pretty good. Their receivers are big and know how to carry the ball down the field. They look good up front."

Receivers for the Phantoms include Damian Harrell - the MVP of the first-round playoff game with eight catches for four TDs

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