Kazemi had contact with other Titans' players

Friday, December 18, 2009 at 2:33pm

Following a federal judge's decision to hand a 30-month sentence to the man who sold Sahel Kazemi the handgun she would later use it to kill former Titans quarterback Steve McNair, Metro Police decided to officially close their investigation — but not before details about Kazemi and other players came to light.

During a press conference Friday afternoon, detectives divulged new details from the case, specifically on the nature of the relationship between Kazemi and Adrian Gilliam, who was sentenced hours earlier for being a felon in possession of a weapon.

Police interviews — portions of which were released in a 200-page document — show that Kazemi met with quarterback Vince Young at McNair's downtown condo on at least one occasion, and that the 20-year-old waitress also met and texted former Titan Quinton Ganther. It was not known the nature of the encounters, but Ganther told police it was not a romantic relationship.

Gilliam too was romantically pursuing Kazemi, police said, but there's no indication that the relationship extended beyond text messages and phone calls.

“We have no evidence that would say they did have some sort of relationship,” Sgt. Pat Postiglione told reporters. “I think it's pretty clear to us that he was pursuing a relationship, but he never got to that point, we believe.”

Police also released on Friday a series of text messages Gilliam sent Kazemi on July 4 — the day she and McNair were found dead. Gilliam and Kazemi had previously met outside a downtown club to discuss the gun purchase, but Gilliam likely had no idea Kazemi was involved with McNair, Postiglione said.

According to police, Kazemi had told Gilliam that she wanted to buy the weapon for personal security. Cell phone records indicate Gilliam was in the Spring Hill/Smyrna area at the time of the shooting.

When pressed about reports from friends and family that Kazemi was not suicidal leading up to the murder, Postiglione said police have spoken with witnesses who confirmed that Kazemi indeed was “spiraling out of control,” as Police Chief Ronal Serpas had described in July.

Postiglione said that it is often hard for loved ones to rationalize the suicide of someone to whom they are close.

“None of that changes the dynamics of what happened inside that room,” he added. “We know what happened. She killed Steve McNair and then killed herself.”


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By: idgaf on 12/18/09 at 6:33

So she was a quarterback groopie. Let her lie and drop this obsession.

NcNair was doing what he shouldn't have been doing and paid the price.

He was a man not a saint.

By: dogmrb on 12/18/09 at 9:59

“None of that changes the dynamics of what happened inside that room,” he added. “We know what happened. She killed Steve McNair and then killed herself.”

How could they be so certain if they(he, Poatiglione) were not there? That is what is puzzling.

By: localboy on 12/22/09 at 11:39

how pathetic