The laws are the problem, not the soccer moms

Monday, May 7, 2001 at 1:00am

A mother is driving along a neighborhood road, her two children in tow, searching for a toy that had fallen out of the car somewhere on the way home from a soccer game.

She is retracing her path slowly and her kids are peering out the windows to find the toy. Out of nowhere a police car comes up behind her and pulls her over. The police officer marches up to her car and hollers at her because her children are not belted in.

It is, after all, quite hazardous, traveling at this excessive speed of, say, 15 miles per hour on a quiet side street without your seat belt on looking out a window. You might pull a neck muscle or something.

To add to the fun, and because God has a sense of humor, the mom's purse had been stolen about a week before, so she was unable to produce her driver

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