LEAD Academy likely to take over struggling Metro school

Monday, April 5, 2010 at 7:58pm

A committee that’s been interviewing applicants vying to take over Cameron Middle School is expected to recommend Nashville’s LEAD Academy be tapped to enter the struggling Metro school.

It’s now up to the school board to decide whether to adopt an innovative –– but to some controversial –– plan to recruit an outside charter organization to help operate a public middle school. The board will decide the matter at its next meeting, April 13.

LEAD Academy, founded in 2007 by educator Jeremy Kane, serves middle school students from low-income families in North Nashville. The school is slated to open Metro’s first charter high school next school year.

Director of Schools Jesse Register opted for bold action following the release of Tennessee’s Race to the Top application, which recognized a new “achievement school district” that included Cameron as a member. Cameron has historically failed to meet federal No Child Left Behind benchmarks.

In addition to LEAD Academy, two others applied to assist Cameron: The Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering and the William E. Doar Jr. foundation, a performing arts-based school in Washington, D.C.



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By: localboy on 4/6/10 at 8:06

Obviously, it should be awarded to the Doar foundation - the best qualified to tap-dance around the inevitable board hearings that will be held three months into the contract, wondering why Cameron hasn't placed first in academics yet. There seems to be a double standard applied in this system, where charters have to produce stellar results in time frames that the board never applies to traditionally-administered buildings.