Let democracy rule: End presidential term limits

Thursday, August 9, 2001 at 1:00am

Let's end the two-term limit on presidents, and let's do it quickly.

With Bill Clinton out-polling George W. Bush, why should the American people be denied their choice of chief executive? Why should the 22nd Amendment passed by Republicans to get even with Franklin Roosevelt stop 21st-century Americans from having the president we want?

Just look at the media jamboree attending Bill Clinton's return to the spotlight. All he did was open an office in Harlem, and it was like Napoleon just back from Elba, kissing the flag of France.

It's called democracy. People like leaders who are 1. full of optimism and love of country and 2. don't think they're better than us.

By that standard, Bill Clinton certainly flunked a couple of second-term exams. He abused the office of the president on any number of occasions, from Mardi Gras-style fund raising in the Lincoln Bedroom to weird transactions with Monica behind the Oval Office. He tried making serfs of the American people by lying to our faces. Then he kissed his contributors with a billion-dollar pardon to Marc Rich.

But no one doubts that this guy loves not just the concept of America but also its nitty-gritty reality. Nobody has ever loved the crowds like this guy. Nobody, not even his worst enemy, can claim that Bill Clinton thinks he's morally or culturally better than us. This guy is MTV all the way.

That's why he won twice and why people

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