Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, March 13, 2001 at 1:00am

Hooray for Hobbs


I wish to commend Bill Hobbs for the excellent, eye-opening piece he

published in last Thursday's edition of The City Paper.

For some two years now, Hobbs has been one of the few voices in the media clued into the lies, deceptions, and "fuzzy math" fueling the state's mythical "revenue crisis" and Sundquist's resulting push for an income tax.

Thanks to fine journalists like Hobbs, more and more Tennesseans are seeing the truth: That Sundquist's push for an income tax is nothing more than an attempt to force you and me to pay for his irresponsible management of the state's budget.



Libertarian Party of Davidson County

Tragedy no surprise


For those familiar with the "injustice" administered under Tennessee's family law system, the brutal double murder and suicide committed by Michael Angelo Hill tragically comes with no surprise. Pray for the children.


Keep the faith-based program funding plan


Which is more cost effective? To use and help sponsor well founded, honest and working organizations with a good track record of helping the poor of our country, or start from scratch forming thousands of government run offices full of friends of local politicians looking for a hand out themselves, in order to help the needy of our country. Government offices would be just another welfare agency where most of the money went for salaries, supplies and office space. If the government attempts it, it will cost a lot and probably do little.

My copy of the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights does not say anything about the government not helping religious based organizations to help the poor. Of course I am not a lawyer and can only read what is printed. I personally think President Bush is on the right track.

It is like a breath of fresh air to have a thinking President with a conscience. I just hope he can keep afloat in that shark filled tank called Washington.


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