Lt. Gov. Ramsey floats judicial redistricting maps

Monday, March 11, 2013 at 4:25pm

Just more than a year after polishing off new district maps for state legislators, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey unveiled a proposed redrawing of the state’s judicial districts.

The changes would reflect the shift in population over the last three decades and would save at least $600,000, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said at a press conference at Legislative Plaza Monday.

“Obviously, these (district attorneys) and public defenders won’t be happy, but I think in the end we’ll save the taxpayers money and operate efficiently and bringing the judiciary together is more important,” he said.

The map under Senate Bill 780, which needs legislative approval, reduces the number of judicial districts to 29 from 31. The new map would affect 22 counties in eight judicial districts. If approved, the new map would leave Davidson County’s judicial district untouched, but would make lone districts out of Williamson and Rutherford Counties. Click here to see the current map.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Gary Wade is signed onto the plan, as is Tennessee Trial Judges Association President Chancellor Daryl Fansler, Tennessee Judicial Conference President Robert Holloway and Tennessee Bar Association President Jackie Dixon.

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By: pswindle on 3/11/13 at 3:32

How in the world did the likes of Ron, and the other GOP crazies get in office? If their term does not end soon we are doomed. If I'm not wrong, Ron is an auctioneer, and he is trying to redraw the state. That is scary stuff!

By: courier37027 on 3/11/13 at 6:29

You read it here first: according to pswindle society is doomed due to redistricting. Runaway debt? Nah. Eroding freedoms? Hardly a cause for concern. When the history books are written let the prophetic voice of pswindle be the first to recall our fate--drawing lines.

By: ancienthighway on 3/11/13 at 9:29

Well, if you pay attention to what our state government is doing, runaway debt, eroding freedoms, unemployment, healthcare and a whole host of other critical issues is not something to be concerned with. OK, on the eroding freedoms, they think they are doing something by allowing gun owners more freedoms, but that's not reinstating something that once was. OK, maybe the legislation allowing bigots and haters to be bigoted and haters is restoring their 1st Amendment rights. And then there are the freedoms being granted to that mystical person, Corporation.

But Tennessee has guns in their trunks and are redistricting dem liberal commies out of the state, so all is good.

By: Kosh III on 3/12/13 at 6:26

The only freedom they like is to do whatever they want, regardless of the law, constitution or harm to others.

Scott County has an official unemployment rate of 15%. Ramsey said they would "focus like a laser" on jobs. What a hypocrite!

By: pipecarver on 3/12/13 at 8:31

First of all, would someone (I.e. The writer of this story) like to do her homework and explain to the reader what the term "Judicial Caseload Study" means on the newly proposed map? Since Mr. Ramsey reportedly stated, "Obviously, these (district attorneys) and public defenders won’t be happy," the reader might find this to be relevant information; especially considering it is a known fact that our court system is already backed up.

Secondly, why is Rep. Jon Lundberg, a member who's background is rooted in "Public Relations," sponsoring a bill of such significance in The House? There's got to be a more qualified individual, with some relevant expertise in the legal field, to sponsor said redistricting. There's plenty of lawyers in that "stable" they call The House." If nothing else, at least have a degree is statistics; thus qualifying you to properly interpret the data being analyzed. Did it ever occur to you people this might be the very reason the District Attorneys and Public Defenders might be unhappy with the proposed plan? You know, the "little people" responsible for doing all the work.

Finally, if said people doing all the work become overwhelmed, are they not more likely to just push all the extra work through, thus potentially resulting in more people going to jail, resulting in a effective "increase" in prison costs far more substantial than the $600k savings you are boasting you plan to save the taxpayers?

By: govskeptic on 3/12/13 at 9:42

It only makes sense if these districts haven't changed boundaries in 30 years that
this be looked at.just like State Reps and Senator boundaries or school board
members. Of course, the District Attorney Generals and Judges will squawk afraid
they may have a few more cases or in many a few less to deal with. The dollars and
sense of it all is what is important, not the fact Ramsey or anyone else has decided
just to use the latest census to possible redraw the districts.

Of course, we could just go by the genus of pswindle and change nothing, but
the party that he so eloquently speaks of disliking so much. Status quo like the
current system of operating totally inefficient school systems.

By: pswindle on 3/13/13 at 10:58

You know and I know that all that Ron and the other GOP are trying to do is redistrict the democrats completely out of the picture. But after we recover from the Haslam term, maybe we can see the damage that he has done and take action. Now, the injured workers will not have a fair chance. Everything that he has done since he has been in office is to take care or the corporations starting with removing all of the unions that he could get his hands on. We are a right to work state, but the workers are without any safety nets.Why do you think that Nissan does not want unions. They have to pay a living wage and benefitgs if unions are voted in. After Haslam, the people will be begging for unions just to survive. Haslam wanted to be governor to take care of his businesses. Get you head out of the sand and stop letting your republican side destroy our great state. Under democratic control we grew iinto one of the greatest states, now we are the laughing stock of sthe country. All you have to do is look at the ones that this state has elected to send to Washington DC.