Man arraigned on charge of stealing from Vanderbilt law school

Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 12:54am
Staff reports

Former Vanderbilt employee Jason Hunt, accused of embezzling money from the Vanderbilt University Law School, pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday and requested a court-appointed attorney.

Hunt, an administrative services manager, was fired from Vanderbilt after an internal investigation regarding possible misuse of law school funds, according to the university. After the investigation found misuse of “substantial” money, they turned the case over to the Davidson County District Attorney’s Office.

Hunt, 34, was arrested Jan. 13 in Montgomery County, Ark., and was later extradited to Nashville were he faces a grand jury indictment.

He is charged with theft of more than $60,000, which is a class B felony, but the actual amount of money involved in the alleged theft may amount to a reported $600,000.

Two weeks ago, Hunt’s partner Samuel Cole Wakefield, 30, was also arrested on a similar grand jury indictment of theft from Vanderbilt University.