Man arrested after allegedly stealing ATV, running over man in park

Monday, July 18, 2011 at 8:01pm

Twenty-one-year-old Kevin Beasley, while allegedly fleeing from police on a stolen ATV, apparently tried to kill another man by running over him, backing up and running over him again, police said.

Beasley first drew the attention of police at 11:15 Monday morning when, according to police, he ran a red light at James Robertson Parkway and Interstate Drive while driving a stolen John Deere Gator ATV in front of off-duty East Precinct Officer Tim Brewer, who called for on-duty backup.

Trying to evade police, Beasley eventually turned onto South Seventh Street and into East Park where Brewer reported watching Beasley drive over a man who was sitting in the grass before Beasley stopped, backed up and ran over him again.

While the ATV was still rolling, Beasley, also believed to be homeless, jumped off when police approached him with guns drawn. Police then arrested him and charged him with attempted criminal homicide, theft of the ATV and driving without a license.

Police identified the victim as 43-year-old Arvid Todd, who police believe is homeless.

Todd was critically injured and transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  Police said Beasley said he was trying to kill Todd even though he didn’t know who the man was.

The ATV had been reported stolen earlier Monday from a construction site on 12th Avenue South.

Beasley is being held in lieu of $270,000 bond. Detectives are withholding his photograph while they work to determine his possible involvement in other crimes.

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By: klskelley on 7/19/11 at 9:47

SATIRE- I am sure that the man in the park was actually trying to sell the Contributor. If Nashville would adopt the same laws as our friends to the South of us in Brentwood we could have avoided this horrible violation of public safety. If the city was truly responsible we would be proactive like Brentwood and keep the homeless out of our fine city and off the roads. That way we could just pretend that this problem doesn't exist. Out of sight, out of mind. But NOOOO, we have to have a rescue mission and try to feed the homeless. We try to provide them a place to stay and give them medical care. Come on Nashville, have a heart and keep all of these people out of our fine city....JUST LIKE BRENTWOOD DOES!!!!!

By: Radix on 7/19/11 at 2:05

I'll give you a few points for humor, but your point is way off. Brentwood is trying to protect Contributor vendors from traffic deaths. They are not preventing selling the Contributor in safe areas. Thanks for the demagoguery, but most people can see the truth. Nashville drivers are pretty bad, keep Contributor sellers out of major intersections, or its just a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Be careful, hang up, use your signals. Especially when fleeing police in ATV's.

By: klskelley on 7/19/11 at 2:21

How is my point way off? Have there been any deaths or accidents in Nashville where someone was trying to sell the Contributor and they got hit by a car? I do believe that we have more traffic and worse drivers here in Nashville than they do in Brentwood, but no one in Nashville has hit one of these people. Maybe it is an insurance issue. I guess it is a lot cheaper to repair a Chevy than it is to repair a Jaguar or Lexus. We don't want do get any dents in those expensive cars down there if we happen to run over some indigent person. Heaven Forbid!

By: Radix on 7/19/11 at 9:14

No deaths or accidents yet, let's keep it that way.

You keep mentioning the nice cars they drive in Brentwood. Are you jealous? Or do you just dislike people from Brentwood? Do you think their preference to buy the Contributor in the parking lot instead of on the street corner means they are heartless people? (Obviously, they are buying some, or the vendors wouldn't be wasting their time.) Or maybe you are one of those who thinks traffic safety is some form of censorship... Why all the Brentwood hate?