Man arrested after two car chases, three crashes

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 10:28am
Staff report

A 21-year-old man Metro and Berry Hill police opened fire on Tuesday morning is facing aggravated assault and evading arrest charges stemming from two car chases and three crashes.

When officers attempted to approach his car after a brief pursuit, police say Joshua Bryan Kellow allegedly tried to hit a Berry Hill Police sergeant with his car. He allegedly backed toward officers after he crashed his Ford Mustang into the guardrail at the intersection of Craighead Street and Nolensville Pike, police said.

Three officers fired shots at the car in self-defense. Kellow, who was not hit by the gunfire, took off but crashed and rolled his car moments later at the intersection of Nolensville Pike and Second Avenue South, police said.

The suspect was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Police said he will be booked on the charges when he is discharged from the hospital.

Kellow first attracted police attention earlier Tuesday while fleeing the scene of an accident at the intersection of Interstate 24 and Briley Parkway. He allegedly traveled the wrong way up the entrance ramp and was briefly pursued by Metro Police.

Police say Kellow has been charged with 29 offenses as an adult between January 2006 and June 6, 2009. He has convictions for domestic assault, harassment, criminal impersonation, forgery, and theft, police said.

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By: CAH on 6/16/09 at 11:21

They missed. Send the officers back to training.

By: bfra on 6/17/09 at 1:41

Where is Nolensville Rd & 2nd Ave. S?

By: geotenn on 6/17/09 at 6:26

bfra, the intersection of Nolensville Rd and 2nd. Ave. just north of the Fair Grounds. It is more of a "Y" than an intersection.

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By: PromosFriend on 6/17/09 at 11:38

Three officers, with a minimum of 45 loaded rounds between them, couldn't get even one hit? Of course, it was dark, the officers were (presumably) shooting from behind, or behind and to the side of the vehicle, they may have only had time for a few rounds before he put it into drive and began going away. And then there is adrenalin - a very potent aim depressor. It would be interesting to read more details about the incident.

Oh, and with Kellow's record I'd hope the judge would have the decency to put this guy away for more than a couple of years.

By: frank brown on 6/17/09 at 4:51

Why was this fellow on the street?