Man arrested, charged with tax evasion after understating boat value

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 12:08pm
Staff reports
Christopher Corey Havens

Tennessee Department of Revenue agents arrested a Nashville man for tax evasion after he allegedly understated the value of his boat.

Investigators arrested Christopher Corey Havens, 40, Tuesday morning on one felony count of tax evasion following a Davidson County grand jury indictment last week.

His bond was set at $5,000.

Havens is accused of filing fraudulent registration documents with the Davidson County Clerk’s Office that greatly understated the amount he paid for a 23-foot Yamaha boat.

The understated value resulted in $1,539 in uncollected tax money. If convicted, Havens could face a maximum of two years in prison and be fined up to $3,000.

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By: Like I Said on 2/8/11 at 12:17

I know I will sleep better knowing this harden criminal is off the streets and can no longer evade the taxes he owes!!! Just wish the law enforcement agencies would spend more time arresting those who actually rob, assult, kill, deal dope and prostitute for a living, I believe those folks are evading taxes also!!!

By: neverender on 2/8/11 at 1:55


By: bfra on 2/8/11 at 2:19

Why not go after the ones that keep lawyers on retainer, just so they can bilk the IRS?

By: richgoose on 2/8/11 at 2:31

This of course is intended to scare the heck out of the people who may be thinking about not paying taxes. It also sends a message that this country is out of conrol.

By: bill1227 on 2/8/11 at 4:06

Theft is theft, and he left a nice paper trail. However, one just has doubts about those in charge that they are also honest and will enforce the laws across the board on an even basis. Enforcement is left up to Gov't employees???????

By: JeffF on 2/8/11 at 5:36

Does this mean Amazon will now be collecting sales tax? I thought not.

By: elmoG on 2/9/11 at 7:24

You mean you can underestimate the value of a BOAT? I'm sorry I've been around
them most of my life and I don't see how that is possible.

By: on 2/9/11 at 8:50

Of all the departments in state government the Dept of Revenue is the worst. They tend to be undisciplined and inconsistent in their focus and enforcement policies. This is nothing but trying to show everyone else that they can't underestimate their taxes while ignoring the big guys who really make a difference in state coffers. They use gestapo tactics and fear to keep the small guy and business in line. If they had the overview and the structure of the IRS they would be more respected and effective.

By: wataboutbob on 2/9/11 at 9:16

elmoG - if you don't understand how this happens then you've evidently never bought a boat from an individual and then had to go to get it registered and pay sales tax. Does "being around them" mean you live close to a marina?

By: chumlem on 2/9/11 at 10:35

This is crazy... Why not just fine him and slap him on the hand. 2 years? Locking someone up for 2 years over something like this is a waste of tax payer money.

By: richgoose on 2/9/11 at 11:08

When you see chicken crap news like this it only confirms that the time I have invested in keeping a log of how much time I spend in Florida to justify my residency is worth every minute.

By: N1Titanfan on 2/9/11 at 12:44

You probably just ruined this guys life by writing this article. There is now way that the city paper knows all of the details of what is going on in this case. If this is news that you think his children or family wants to see you are WRONG!!!!

By: wolfy on 2/9/11 at 1:54

I know i'll sleep easier tonight.......Boy the TDR agents are on the job!