Man charged with keeping teens in sex slavery heads to court

Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 11:45pm

The Georgia man Metro police charged with trafficking two 17-year-old girls for sexual servitude is set to appear in court Friday morning.

Police arrested Tyree Walker, 36, Monday night at a Comfort Inn on Elm Hill Pike after an undercover detective made a deal with the two underage girls to have sex for money. Beside the felony charge for sexual servitude, Walker also faces a drug possession charge for allegedly having a small amount of marijuana on him at the time of his arrest.

A Internet escort ad led police to contact the trio. When police arrested Walker in the hotel’s parking lot, they said he had a receipt for the girls’ room in his pocket as well as photos of the ad.

Walker, who is from Macon, Ga., remains in jail on a $52,000 bond.

The two teenage girls have been charged with prostitution in juvenile court. One of the girls is also from Macon, and the other is from Norfolk, Va.

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By: tim4wsp on 9/6/10 at 7:39

Brilliant - charge two girls who were held as slaves with crimes they were forced to commit.WTF is wrong with this picture?