Man charged in shooting death of friend in Kroger parking lot

Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 12:05pm
Staff reports
Kenyatta Patton 

South Precinct detectives Thursday morning charged 20-year-old Kenyatta Patton with criminal homicide for Wednesday night’s fatal shooting of a man who was Patton’s friend.

The shooting occurred in the parking lot of the Kroger located at 61 E. Thompson Lane just after the victim, 21-year-old Aaron Mealer, arrived in a Chevrolet Cobalt. 

Three other persons were in the car, including Mealer’s wife, Patton and another woman. Police said Patton admitted that he and Mealer intended to shoplift at the grocery store. 

Police allege that Patton said that as he got out of the car, a pistol that he was clutching fired, striking Mealer in the face. Mealer was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

No charges were placed against the two women in the car. 

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By: dargent7 on 10/20/11 at 10:12

I hope he at least used his Kroger Plus+ Card.

By: BigPapa on 10/20/11 at 10:26

Now that is hilarious. Oh my one down...

By: pyggypye on 10/20/11 at 10:48

WHAT?!?! are you so insensitive and heartless that you will make a joke about someone losing their life?!?! A mother losing her son? It is a shame, YOU should be ashamed......THAT is why those of us who respect others are brought down by persons like you who make comments like that, and it sounds like a racial comment and that is not right, no matter the color..........

By: dva56 on 10/20/11 at 11:08

"intended to shoplift?"!!!

Yea right. You don't shoplift with a gun. You commit armed robbery with a gun. This situation could not have turned out any better for the citizens of Nashville.

By: global_citizen on 10/21/11 at 7:11

You only need a gun if you're intending to "shoplift" the pharmacy.

By: nash615 on 10/21/11 at 8:10

I'm with "pyggypye" on this one.

Almost every crime report story that appears on the CP website has 5+ comments from regular posters all chiming in about how the people in the stories are horrible people, how they are a burden on society, how anyone mentioned is essentially guilty without trial of the worst things imagineable, how no one should have fair access to the courts or due process, how anyone who cares about their suffering is themself some horrible burden on our society.

This is the worst I've seen though -- reveling in the death of someone killed by a friend in front of his wife.

I don't care what crime this person may or may not have been about to commit, taking pleasure in someone's violent death is completely despicable.

Even worse, usually the commenters are the same commenters calling themselves "Christians" daily on other parts of the site (want me to go look and see if that's the case here?). There is nothing in the teachings of Christ that promotes deriving pleasure from the suffering of others. People like this give Christians a bad name.

By: rbull on 10/21/11 at 8:37

My response is to "pyggypye" and "nash615" and both of you need to get a life and not be so damn sensitive about comments made. The comment made by "dargent7" was made as a joke and not about the murder, so get a life please. Yes neither will be doing any shoplifting anytime soon. There is more to this story than being printed and what was the others planning on doing, watching or helping with the merchandise stolen. I think you might want to read between the lines in this story. A thief is a liar and up to no good.

By: nash615 on 10/21/11 at 9:14


For the record, I wasn't taking offense as much to dargent7's "joke" as to BigPapa's comment. The joke wasn't actually funny, not because of the macabre context, but just because it doesn't really make sense. But, whatever, I'm used to there not being a brain trust holding quorum on the CP site.

Anyway, I can read between the lines as well as anyone, and, in all fairness, if I were to try to decide "would I want my kids riding to Kroger with these people" I would definitely say "no, that would be a bad decision." Did they admit they were going to commit a crime? Yes. Was there probably even more to the situation? Probably.

Does that mean that they aren't fellow humans, that they aren't Americans who are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty? I don't have to like someone or feel comfortable around someone or think they're upstanding citizens to say they deserve our respect, compassion, and the full support of the systems we've put in place to keep our country from devolving into anarchy?

However, "Now that is hilarious. Oh my one down..." is not a joke, it's supporting the death of the person who died in this news story.

By pretending people aren't rejoicing in the death of a fellow person (and, frankly, giving the impression you support it as well) and convicting them without trial in the court of public opinion, you're just giving further support to my point. So, thanks for that at least.

My point is that if you throw somebody under the bus because they admit to planning to shoplift from a kroger's then you're a prick. If you celebrate somebody's death because you don't like the decisions they make, or maybe even the color of their skin, you're even worse.

And if it's just that you have no tolerance for anyone who might commit or even intend to commit the least of crimes, then, hey, friend -- will you join me in calling for the arrest and prosecution of most of our city, state, and federal elected and appointed officials? Because if the issue is really crime...

By: DDG on 10/21/11 at 2:52

It's too bad that people are this dumb. Get a job. Pay your bills. Don't be dumb. It's a very simple concept. Anyone can do it. Well, almost anyone.

By: yogiman on 10/23/11 at 6:49

why give such a negative advertisement against Kroger. How many people will now refrain from going to Kroger's for shopping having a fear of a possible crime to take place?