Man pleads guilty to sexual assault of boy in Centennial Park bathroom

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 1:42pm

A man accused of attacking a boy inside a public restroom at Centennial Park in 2008 has pleaded guilty in Davidson County Criminal Court.

Scobey Sowell, 68, pleaded guilty on Jan. 25 to aggravated sexual battery. Sowell was inside the restroom when an 11-year-old boy entered. He asked the boy for money, then assaulted him.

The case was continued as Sowell underwent mental evaluation. The case was set to go to trial on Monday.

Sowell will serve 15 years in jail as part of the plea deal. 

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By: concretemike on 1/29/13 at 4:09

Wow he assaulted the 11 year old in 2008 and it has taken this long to come to trial before he copped a plea....

I sure hope he isn't a range 1 offender who gets time off for pretrial confinement, good behavior and believing in Santa Claus because he might be back in the same bathroom assaulting your son next year!!!!!!!!!!

Get him out in the general population yard in West Nashville and let nature take it's course!!!!!!

By: chrisvu05 on 1/30/13 at 11:46

Sadly the system has failed everyone involved in this situation. I had a few encounters with Scobey at a local bicycle shop on West End before his arrest. He'd greet the bike mechanic with his signature "Hey Man! Can I sweep?" (the shop would often give him lunch money for sweeping glass out of the parking lot). The voice in which he'd ask this was the voice of the crazy person you'd see in a movie that was a cross between a person who had a lot of desperation in his life and too much inhalation of helium. He was certifiably crazy! No doubt in my mind that he was psychitzophrenic. Not that this justifies his actions but I guarantee it was a root cause for his actions. Most likely he should never have even been in that situation because he belonged in a mental illness facility. So the system failed the kid in that Scobey should've been in a situation where he was unable to harm himself let alone others and Scobey was failed because our society lacks the ability to understand that mental illness is very real problem that contributes to a number of criminal acts such as this but we continue to ignore it. Most likely this case ends tragically for all involved. Scobey's public defender most likely ran out of patience trying to get him adequately diagnosed. I would expect someone with Scobey's mental capacity will not last long in a general population without causing great harm to himself or others.

By: not_guilty on 1/31/13 at 6:12

If the sentence is 15 years, the man is most likely a Range 2 multiple offender. An offender sentenced for aggravated sexual battery is ineligible for parole. Pretrial jail credit, however, must be given in all cases, no matter the offense, unless the offender voluntarily waives his right to jail credit as part of the plea agreement.