Man seeking to lick woman's feet robbed and beaten

Monday, June 25, 2012 at 1:34pm
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Vivian Ferello  

A man who arranged for a massage and foot-licking via Craigslist was left bloodied and robbed at the Hilton hotel in downtown Nashville over the weekend.

Four teenagers arranged the robbery after the victim, from New York, reached out to an 18-year-old girl on Craigslist and agreed to pay her $100 an hour “to massage and lick her feet,” according to a Metro Nashville Police Department affidavit.

Vivian Ferello, 18, of White House, allegedly contacted 46-year-old Edward Bruno over Craigslist, then arranged the robbery with three other people. When Bruno, of New York, opened the door to his hotel room, 18-year-old Dakota Davis and another person named “Bryce” tackled him to the ground, according to police.

Davis allegedly drew a silver knife and cut Bruno on the arm. “Bryce” apparently cut Bruno, as well. The men stole a laptop, iPad, money and chargers from Bruno’s hotel room.

MNPD arrested Ferello, Davis and Brittany Huff, 18, of White House, on Saturday morning shortly after the incident. Police are still looking for “Bryce.”

Ferello and Huff were charged with one count of aggravated burglary. Davis faces counts of especially aggravated burglary and especially aggravated robbery.

The females’ bonds were set at $80,000 while Davis is being held in lieu of $130,000 bond.

Police urge people who use services such as Craigslist to arrange transactions and any face-to-face meetings in well-lit, very public and populated areas.

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By: JohnGalt on 6/25/12 at 12:00

I'm confused. Who was going to do what and with which and to whom?

By: NewYorker1 on 6/25/12 at 12:20

A trip to Amsterdam and a visit to the Red-light district would have been a lot cheaper for this foot licker. BTW, EW!!!!!

By: WickedTribe on 6/25/12 at 3:39

This is a stupid article. I'm as liberal as it gets, but there was no reason at all to mention the feet licking. It could have just said he was seeking to purchase a massage and left it at that. The feet licking contributes nothing at all to the story. This is like middle school journalism.

By: jpbrody on 6/25/12 at 7:56


Meh . . . without the foot licking, this article would have no legs at all. It would just be another john hijacking.

By: Lab on 6/26/12 at 9:07

For Mr. Bruno's sake, let's hope he can "give a lickin' and keep on tickin.' (Thanks and apologies to Timex)