Man who allegedly dealt coke from Merry Street home arrested

Monday, May 16, 2011 at 6:47pm
Matthew Carter 

The nearly three-week-long search for an alleged cocaine dealer who went on the lam when police boarded up his home as a public nuisance ended Monday afternoon where it all began.

Detectives with Metro police arrested Matthew Carter, 57, after they said he’d busted into the rear door of the 2326 Merry St. home boarded up by police on April 27. According to police, Carter was in the home alone when officers showed up Monday afternoon.

On April 27, SWAT team officers raided the residence, arresting nine individuals on drug possession charges after finding a small amount of cocaine. But the main reason for the operation was to serve a temporary injunction and padlocking order on the property as sought by the district attorney’s office at the request of police and the community.

The 2326 Merry St. address had been both the subject of numerous anonymous complaints over the years and the target of several police drug bust operations. Earlier in April, police said they bought drugs from the home during undercover operations on seven occasions and Carter was directly involved in six of those deals.

Carter was, however, absent for the last police bust, after which officers boarded up the home’s doors and windows. Criminal Court Judge Cheryl Blackburn ordered the home be placed under a temporary injunction prohibiting anyone from being inside the home pending a hearing in court.

Someone had broken into the home through the rear door about a week after the home was initially boarded up, prompting the attorney for the family to question the effectiveness of the padlock order.

A hearing on the temporary injunction is set for later this week.

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By: on 5/17/11 at 6:55

Maybe the member of the Metro Council who brought this to the attention of the public could patrol a larger area so someone could point these things out to the police.

By: Ingleweird on 5/17/11 at 7:56

I don't understand your gripe. Why would a Council Member patrol for crime? That's the job of the police. It's YOUR job as a functioning member of society to point this out to your council representative and the police. If people aren't doing this, then it would appear they condone it.