Mayor to announce new park at fairgrounds this afternoon

Monday, September 13, 2010 at 11:26am

Mayor Karl Dean is expected to announce funding for the construction of a new park at the fairgrounds property off Nolensville Pike and Wedgwood Avenue this afternoon, adding details to a plan he’s hinted at before. 

The announcement will also include plans to replace the Sevier Park Community Center with a new, larger facility. The projects are part of the mayor’s capital-spending plan, which was released last week and has been presented to the Metro Council.

A task force assigned to study the future of the fairgrounds property recommended in a report last week building a park near Browns Creek, which borders the neighborhood. Now, there is no park in the area.

Between 30 and 40 acres of fairgrounds property fall within a floodplain, essentially shielding it from future development.

As part of his capital-spending plan, Dean has also proposed relocating the fairgrounds’ expo center events — the flea market, antique shows, etc. — to space inside Hickory Hollow Mall in Antioch. The project also includes building a new regional community center, library and public health center, among other things.

After years of declining revenue, Dean has made clear that Metro is no longer interested in the state fair business. The final Metro-operated Tennessee State Fair at its current location runs through Sept. 19. 

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By: 117_acres on 9/13/10 at 11:29

Thank you Mayor Dean and Staff and Council Lady Moore. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This is going to change the quality of life for the better in this area of South Nashville.

By: localboy on 9/13/10 at 1:14

Sounds good, as long as the entire fairgrounds becomes a park.

By: dwight14 on 9/13/10 at 3:30

so if they dont want to spend money in the track area,which is in the flood plain,why not allow it to go on as it is win for more so called eye sore as ya drive by and the racing fans and drivers keep their history and the people of tn and other states that come in here from far away can keep on racing and seeing the best short track in the that nice park..ive said all along,the 2 can co exist and go hand in hand with each other..still think a music city racing hall of fame could be built up on the hill there behind the grandstands..that will lure thousands of people from all parts each yr to bring in much needed tax dollars or to help with the owners of the track lease make this THE PREMEIRE showcase in america...

By: Doveplayer on 9/13/10 at 5:06

I agree 100% with Dwight14. There is NO reason the two cannon co-exist. The track has been there many years and is important to many people. What gives anyone the right to just come in and take someone's history and even livelihood away? The FSN Hall of Fame can be built there and can include exhibits from mid-state and regional tracks as well. That WILL bring race fans in who DO spend money.
I hate to disagree with you 117_acres, but the park alone will NOT improve the quality of life in that area. It is a good start, but tearing down the speedway will do NOTHING to help the area. If the mayor wants to pay someone to plan the area out, he can send some of that my way. I have better ideas than his committee anyway. Dean doesn't care about Woodbine and its quality of life. All he cares about is votes. If he closes the track, he will become Nashville's first and only 1 term mayor. He WILL be voted out. He thinks he's above it, but he is so wrong.
If you are one who has moved into the area and are now complaining about the noise, all I can tell you is the track was there before you came. It makes noise. If you didn't know about it, it was your job to do so. If you DID know about it, you have NO right to complain now. Either live with it one night a week or better yet, go to the races!

By: Rat on 9/14/10 at 8:34

Ok lets just give in to the house flappers. We do not have a problem with a park in the Flood plan Now remember people there are laws in the charter and this is far from over. Look people you need to come help us fight city hall and Save the Tennessee State Fair Grounds from these house flippers. or Mayor Dean and others think it is done deal it is far from that...