Mayor, director of schools will unveil district’s new ASSET

Monday, August 9, 2010 at 11:45pm
Staff reports

Details of a comprehensive, long-term plan to attract and retain effective teachers in Metro Nashville Public Schools will be revealed this morning during a news conference and panel discussion.

Mayor Karl Dean and Director of Metro Schools Dr. Jesse Register will unveil ASSET (Achieving Student Success through Effective Teaching), the result of a yearlong study of teacher compensation and performance pay.

The new plan was developed with the help of education reform experts and dozens of Metro teachers and principals who served on various work teams and committees.

One of ASSET’s key components is recognizing that effective educators are not attracted, cultivated or retained based on compensation alone. ASSET also aims to address issues including professional development and leadership training for teachers and principals.

Following the announcement, a panel of local and national experts will discuss the details and impact of ASSET as part of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Education 2020 and Mayor’s Speaker Series.

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By: girliegirl on 8/10/10 at 7:07

You must be kidding. Dupont Hadley is still a war zone. Most of us out this way have had to fork over up to $10k this year to place our child in a safe environment. And the PE teacher/coach at DH is totally oblivious to the bullying to the point that he told me, in front of other mothers, that my little boy needed to "man up"..... Did I mention the child's knees were black from the extreme bruising going on, and that nearly every shirt had a small hole in the middle of his back, where someone must've twisted it and cut it. (15 shirts total were tossed in the trash in just 2 months) I'll bet we spent more time at the doctor's office than at school that year.