Metro Action Commission prepares to move downtown

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 7:32pm

The Metro Action Commission will finalize by the end of this week plans to move the bulk of its operations from Fifth Avenue North in Salemtown to downtown’s Clifford Allen Building, at 800 Second Ave. N.

“[The new space] will allow us to better serve our customers,” said spokeswoman Lisa McCrady. “It will be centrally located and [share space with the ] Department of Social Services. The space is being designed with our needs in mind.”

About 55 MAC employees will make the move from North Nashville to downtown, which is tentatively set for late August, McCrady said.

For about 25 years, MAC has operated from the historic Fehr Building. The commission assists low-income Nashvillians with utility payments, rent, mortgage, deposits, prescriptions, property taxes and other household expenses. McCrady said MAC’s North Head Start program will remain at the site.

The commission garnered negative attention when some neighbors complained that citizens using its services were creating excess noise and clogging Fifth Avenue with cars. McCrady said the complaints are not the reason for the move.

“We’ve worked hard to be a good neighbor and to attend all the neighborhood meetings,” she said. 

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By: Trumpet on 7/26/11 at 7:21

Joe/The Collection: QUESTION: SALEMTOWN, OR GERMANTOWN? Please consult your city's CIVIL RIGHTS HISTORY before you make a definitive conclusion, for publication. Could it be both? For instance, Germantown during Segregation and Salemtown after Intergration? Or Vice Versa? This is a serious query with implications. Also, do you consider the St. Cecelia Convent (at the 8th. & Clay Street location) to be in Germantown, or in Salemtown? Who are your experts? Linda Wynn??
Keep the Faith.......!

By: govskeptic on 7/27/11 at 5:52

Well, we will have to see if much higher rents results in more assistance from
the agency or less. History tells us as they hire more and more personnel the
funds for assistance seems to be reduced, not a good ratio!

By: wasaw on 7/27/11 at 10:12

So tell us, how much is this move going to cost the taxpayers? We're feeding them, housing them, providing medical care for them, giving them a tax credit when they don't even pay taxes. What more can we do for those eating at the federal through?

The real reason the agency is moving is that there is parking in the rear of the 2nd Ave. N. location where the freeloaders Cadillac's and BMW's won't be as visible to the taxpayers, as they drive back and forth to work, to pay ther taxes that these freeloaders squander..

By: KnowsForAFactDoU on 7/27/11 at 11:44

I LOLed when I read wasaw's comment for the real reason MAC is moving. Evidently you've never been in the building. :)