Metro elections clearer after qualifying deadline passes

Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 10:25pm

The deadline for Metro candidates to qualify for August’s election passed at noon Thursday, providing a mostly clear picture of upcoming local races.

Because several candidates turned in qualifying petition signatures at the last moment, the Davidson County Election Commission was still reviewing some petitions for certification Thursday afternoon and won’t have a final list of candidates until Monday.

Candidates have until next Thursday to choose to withdraw from their respective races.

The election commission is also in the process of reviewing petitions turned in to hold a referendum on whether to amend the Metro charter to protect the status quo at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds.

Candidates who had qualified to run in the Aug. 4 election as of Thursday are below. The City Paper will change this list accordingly when final names are available Monday.

(Incumbents are in bold.)

Mayor: Karl Dean, Councilman Michael Craddock, Marvin Barnes, Bruce Casper, James Keeton

Vice Mayor: Diane Neighbors, James Baxter

Metro Council at-large: Megan Barry, Tim Garrett, Jerry Maynard, Ronnie Steine, Charlie Tygard, Councilman Sam Coleman, Councilman Eric Crafton, Councilwoman Vivian Wilhoite, Donna Crawford, Renard Francois, Ken Jakes, James Maxwell, Donald Ray McFolin, Don O’Donniley, Keith Speer, Charles Townshend, Jr., Sajid Usmani, Jack Wooten Jr.

Metro Council district races:

District 1: Lonnell Matthews Jr., Charles Hoosier, Roosevelt Williamson

District 2: Frank Harrison, Sylvester Armor, DeCosta Hastings

District 3: Walter Hunt

District 4: Brady Banks, Eugene Batsuk, David Patterson, Carolyn Petrone, Renee’ Rathburn

District 5: Scott Davis, former Councilwoman Pam Murray, Amy Bryson (had qualified, but has since said he plans to withdraw from race), Priscilla Eaton (has not qualified, but announced her candidacy Thursday)

District 6: Robert Borzak, Morelia Cuevas, Dave Rich, Hans Schmidt, Peter Westerholm

District 7: Anthony Davis, Stephen Downs, Randy Reed

District 8: Karen Bennett, Nina Ground, Nancy VanReece

District 9: Bill Pridemore

District 10: Douglas Pardue, Danny Turner

District 11: Darren Jernigan, William Guthoerl

District 12: former school board member Steve Glover

District 13: Marilyn Robinson, Kent Sandidge IV, Josh Stites

District 14: Bruce Stanley, Robert Budesa

District 15: Phil Claiborne

District 16: Anna Page, Tony Tenpenny

District 17: Sandra Moore, Ken Borgman, Jerry Graves, Lisa Leeds

District 18: Burkley Allen, David Glasgow

District 19: Erica Gilmore, Bob Ries, Curt Wallen

District 20: Buddy Baker, Joseph Gower Mills, Mary Carolyn Roberts

District 21: Edith Langster

District 22: Seanna Brandmeir, Sheri Weiner

District 23: Emily Evans

District 24: Jason Holleman, Sarah Lodge Tally

District 25: Sean McGuire, James Kaminski (told The City Paper he turned in petitions Thursday morning)

District 26: Chris Harmon, Brock Parks

District 27: Davette Blalock, Gregory Scott Dooley, Michael Leftwich

District 28: Duane Dominy, Travis Danker, Tanaka Vercher

District 29: Arnett Bodenhamer, former school board member Karen Johnson, Rickey Martin, Vicky Tataryn

District 30: Jim Hodge, Michael Allen, Jason Potts

District 31: Fabian Bedne, James Widrig

District 32: Markeith Braden, Jacobia Dowell

District 33: Robert Duvall, Charvis Rand, Page Turner

District 34: Carter Todd

District 35: Bo Mitchell, Metro Planning Commissioner Tonya Jones

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5 Comments on this post:

By: treehugger7 on 5/20/11 at 7:34

I can't believe Pam Murray is going to run again! Did she not learn anything from her loss? She needs to go back to Detroit and leave Nashville alone. I hope there is a real candidate for this position.

By: govskeptic on 5/20/11 at 8:08

Well, it appears District 21 will be woefully & poorly represented for another
term along with some others in our fair city! As to Mayor's race far too many
good Men/Women just find it too unfruitful to run against an incumbent who
has his/her/their wife's own money along with press support to challenge
in these races. Suppose this will be a continued long running problem for
anyone considered a good populist style of candidate!

By: haveasay on 5/21/11 at 4:40

It's like pullling teeth to get a response from any of the councilpersons. They vote their personal opinions and don't care what the neighborhoods think. Some of this list should be ashamed to run for office again after the mess they have made. The west side of town has poor representation; Holleman, Evans, Baker and Langster should hide their faces in shame. We Only have a chance to get rid of Holleman and Baker, the other two we are stuck with.

By: kamaliman87 on 5/27/11 at 4:59

The media has their favorites and I believe it's opinionated to say "Metro Councilman Michael Craddock has withdrawn from the mayor’s race, leaving Mayor Karl Dean with no serious challengers standing in the way of a second term." I believe we can think for ourselves, all we needed to know is the facts, we all need to decide with everyone running in consideration, DEAN IS NOT THE ONLY OPTION!

By: concernedinnashville on 5/29/11 at 6:47

It's really time for a change in the 16th district. Gangs continue to get worse around here and although I am well aware a council member alone can't control this situation all by herself/himself something has got to be done. Not only that, I truly believe our fairground history is well worth saving. It has been apart of our families life for years. And I would love to see my grandchildren enjoy it as well. I really also think that Mr. Tenpenny would be a better person in helping that as well. So my vote is going for him!!!